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LinkedIn Invites

May 6, 2014

I have received invites from various folks on LinkedIn – people I know and those I haven’t met or heard from. This made me think about the different types of people who make connections on LinkedIn – how many types are they?

  • Extremists – these are the profiles who are interested to meet and link to as many people they want. These are the possible ones who want to use their connections to grow in their professional lives
  • Socialists – They may not be sure of what they want to do with their connections but they like the number of connections they have on the account. It is like a ego-boost to them – the fact that they have 500 connections signify that they are well connected, as per them.
  • Regulars – These are the folks who accept connections as they receive as well as use the ‘People You may Know’ to connect to their friends (not anyone that they have met).
  • Un-socialists – These are the folks who have created an account but login once in a while to check and accept invites from those they know only. They will not send any invites on their own!
  • Loners – They are not on LinkedIn and probably have never heard of them. They don’t intend to join too unless they see the benefits. Also, it includes people who are circumspect of social media and feel that it intrudes on their privacies.

Do you see any other categories? Let me know.


Google, LinkedIn and Wikipedia

November 24, 2009

Google buys another one – Teracent. Teracent’s Intelligent Display Advertising technology creates display ads entirely customized to the specific consumer and site. The startup’s proprietary alogirthims automatically pick the creative parts of a display ad (images, colors, text) in real-time determined by like geographic location, language, the content of the website, the time of day or the past performance of different ads. Google says that Teracent’s technology will now be offered to its display advertising clients who run campaigns in Google’s Content Network and to DoubleClick clients. What all Google will do to capture (no monopolize) the ad market?

And then, they team up with TiVo. There seems to be a bit of analytics involved in the backend – Google promises that advertisers pay only when their ads are seen. But TiVo lets viewers fast-forward through commercials. Now, with TiVo’s data, collected from millions of digital video recorders across the country, Google can tell exactly which of those commercials are being bypassed. If all the commercials are being skipped, the channel gets no money. Wow!!! Google can then place the ads at the adequate location (based on the data) so that they maximize their revenue.

LinkedIn API’s are open – finally!!! It took a long time coming for the site to start sharing their APIs to public – previously, only few priveleged ones were given the option to add ‘applications’ that hooked into the millions of users registered in LinkedIn. This article talks about how startups are linking to LinkedIn.

Sad to read this one – Volunteers log off from Wikipedia!!! The website built by millions across the world is facing heavy attrition. It needs a buyer or better for the community, a sponsor.

The Social and Mobile World

November 11, 2009

Twitter and LinkedIn have been integrated now – tried it out and worked!!! On Twitter, the #in is key to make it visible on LinkedIn. Good way of integration. I dont know the integration between Google and Twitter will pan out. I need a integration between Twitter and Google Reader.

Google once again – you can’t keep them out of news, can you? – a new language of all things. Google believes that they can help boost both computing power and programmers’ abilities with an experimental programming language project called Go. Google’s Go project consists of the programming language, compilers to convert what programmers write into software that computers can run, and a runtime package that endows Go programs with a number of built-in features. Google has high hopes on Go, as per CNET. I have heard of languages like Scala and Erlang trending up recently but this is new!!!

Interesting post about Social rules and how Social networks/media are not helping us follow them. Very soon, we will have conferences where the Q&A sessions will be held on the net than ‘live’. Questions can be asked from the internet so that those who are following it miles away can also listen/read the response to their query. Maybe that’s a good model for future conferences to adopt!!!

A very good article about Apple –Apple has surpassed Nokia as the most profitable phone maker in the world. Why its remarkable is explained in the post. Really remarkable.

When everyone is going the Android way, Samsung thought differently – they have introduced Bada. Samsung says that bada is a new open platform that enables a richer user experience in applications on Samsung mobile devices. Let us see this space on how this pans out.

Twitter, Google and more

November 10, 2009

Twitter is rolling out location-based trends – that seems like a good idea to know where which trends are making news. Location seems to be the favorite for all technology companies.

Twitter and LinkedIn will be integrated now – that is good news. But, if I tweet about technology, business, sports and movies, I wouldn’t want all of it to appear on LinkedIn. How will this integration handle it? Let me try it out.

Lot of news being seen on Google – acquisitions, initiatives and pushbacks.

Yet another acquisition by Google, the third biggest after DoubleClick ($3.1 billion) and YouTube ($1.65 billion) – the company is gunning hard to dominate mobile Web advertising and AdMob has an early foothold in the display side. Will AdMob be as successful as the other acquisitions? Time will tell. Check out the site created by Google.

Google also bought Gizmo5 for around $30 million in cash. Apparently, the talk is Gizmo5 will be the glue that puts Google Voice and Google Talk together into a single product (competition for Skype).

Not so good news for Google – Rupert Murdoch is not happy with Google search indexes – he wants to block Google from his news content. News Corp owns the Times and Sun newspapers in the UK and the New York Post and Wall Street Journal in the US.

Google is planning to foot the bill for WiFi at 47 of US  airports for the rest of the year, beginning today.

Personalization and customization is the key here – Mojamix is an online granola manufacturing system. What is so great about it? This – You select your base, then add dried fruit, seeds, and nuts. They package up your foodstuff and send it to your home via first class mail. The average 12-ounce bag costs about $12 and there is the possibility of adding chocolate-covered cashews to the mix. What is next? You can cook your dish online very soon!!!

Did you buy a new Nokia phone? Check whether it’s the model whose charger is being recalled.

Intel introduces a book reader that reads out aloud to the blind – interesting application for the not-so-lucky readers. Good gesture by Intel.

A 21-year-old Australian man has admitted creating what is thought to be the first virus to infect Apple iPhones. Wow!!! This is one that Android will not have, probably, as it is based on Linux.

UK Home Office says it will push ahead with plans to ask communications firms to monitor all internet use. With all the concerns that Networking Engineers in organizations have anyeay, God help all firms in the UK!!!

Are you addicted to the internet? Take this test and find out.

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