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Technology Predictions for 2015

December 21, 2014

Technology has been moving rapidly and every year there is a different set that gets the highest priority. Last year, my bet was on these – some have gained while others have not been so successful.

This year, my pick is straight-forward

  1. Application Modernization – In the wake of Digital Transformation, organizations want to finally get away from legacy systems instead of wrapping them with calls and services. Application Modernization software will be in big demand.
  2. Master Data Management – MDM as it is known, will help organizations develop the Single Source of Customer that is missing in many of them. Though the first pass will not guarantee 100% clean data, at least the consolidation will help organizations start the journey.
  3. Data Monetization – Many organizations have tonnes of data with them without even realizing that they could make  use of it (and make money out of it). Data Analysts have been around for a while now and they will start getting much-promised dollars for their bosses.
  4. Web Analytics – Yes, it has been around for a while but in its new avatar, web analytics will start offering more advise to organizations on the customer behavior when they are on  their site. Customer will see better targeted marketing than ever before.
  5. Wearables or more broadly Internet of Things – My favorite for a while now, wearables are going to take the world by storm in 2015 with new use-cases that you would have never thought before. IoT is going to be omni-present and organizations will start making sense out of it. There will be product organizations who will provide end-to-end IoT support-as-a-service.

Thoughts from your side?

Before I forget, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you…


Is your smartphone really smart?

March 21, 2014

Wikipedia definition of Smartphone is that

Smartphone is a mobile phone with more advanced computing capability and connectivity than basic feature phones.

The image that one gets on looking at a smartphone is not that of computing capability or connectivity but more in terms of the activities one gets to do with – it has effectively replaced a watch, an alarm-clock, music-player, diary and so on. The smartphone also became one with which you could save a lot of data (contact details, messages, videos, songs, etc.). With the advent of cloud, I feel that the smartness has kind-of reduced! Why do I think so? Let me explain.

I have an Android phone and what has happened post that?

  • My contacts have been synced with my Google account.
  • Google Auto-Backup runs regularly to copy all photos and videos to Google Drive.
  • Messages are now synced with Hangouts

While this is good in one way (that I dont lose my data if my phone is lost), I feel then that my smartphone has become more like a browser – an entry-point, nothing more.

Of course, it has all the numerous apps that I can play and browse. For the main reason I bought a smartphone though, there is not much smartness left on the phone though! Agree?

Banking Mobile Innovations

July 28, 2013

There are quite a few innovations in the global Banks on the mobile side of things. From the information released so far, US Bank seems to be in the fore-front of the mobile revolution.

Other recent examples include:

  • Bank of the West app lets users check balances with just the slide of a finger, without login. The new Android and iOS app also lets customers deposit cheques using their cameras, pay bills, monitor account activity, make fund transfers, and find ATMs and branches.
  • Dortmunder Volksbank introduces contactless mobile payments
  • Chase has added a feature to its Jot app that enables small business cardholders to capture and file receipts using their mobile phone cameras
  • ANZ claims one million goMoney app users are using its goMoney mobile-to-mobile payments app, transferring around A$2.5 billion a month.
  • US Bank announced it will soon begin offering voice control technology to users of its FlexPerks mobile app
  • Sovereign Bank – one-touch customer service mobile app
  • US Bank – Known as the Mobile Answers Portal and limited to a small handful of mobile users at present, the portal is a question-and-answer forum where users can post questions relating to the mobile experience and receive emailed responses
  • Spain’s Banco Sabadell has launched a service that enables customers to withdraw cash from ATMs using their mobile phones.
  • Lloyds has become the first UK bank to muscle in on the mobile point-of-sale market, inking a deal with Monitise to hawk the vendor’s card acceptance technology to small business customers.
  • First Trade Union Bank has released a mobile payment and loyalty app based on the LevelUp platform
  • After years of pilot trials and road tests, French bank Société Générale is set to launch its first national commercial application of NFC-based mobile payments
  • The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is preparing a mobile NFC payments service which will see sensitive user data stored in the cloud rather than the handset
  • US Bank is letting customers link their card accounts to the Square wallet application, enabling them to make purchases from their mobile phones.
  • Mobile banking self-service with virtual agents. Powered by software that allows customers to ask questions on their phone or tablet, virtual agents eliminate the need to use multiple devices or call the contact center.

Do you have any other similar experiences that you have witnessed?

Technology predictions for 2013

December 10, 2012

It is the time of year again to look into the crystal-ball for technologies. In hindsight, some of the 2012 predictions mentioned came true – hopefully my track record will be better this year !

Let us look at the five technologies that will gain mainstream in 2013 then

  1. BYOD – “Bring Your Own Device” will gain traction in the market, leading to organizations figure out how they want to integrate their existing Support activities with the new consumer devices that their employees use. Hence, Mobile Device/Application Management will be the focus for many organizations.
  2. Social Networking moves into enterprise – Yes, Social Networking will get into mainstream adoption within the enterprise. Once again, organizations will realize that there is no value in restricting/prohibiting/banning social media within the enterprise and instead look at ways to allow social media in a controlled manner in the enterprise.
  3. Apple will see their sales impacted (mostly by the absence of Steve Jobs at the helm) and Microsoft leading other vendors to grab a share off from the Mac. Android will get a big push this year and slowly come closer to the Apple ecosystem.
  4. Mobile Payment is poised for a big explosion in the enterprise. Organizations will have to incorporate this with their traditional offerings so that they can use the proliferation of mobiles.
  5. Gamification will increase within the enterprise and organizations will use it to counter all the “soft aspects” that they face within.

Do you agree? Have I missed any key technology that will gain ground next year? Let me know.

Will tags in email help?

November 29, 2012

Let me share a news article that I just read about Hashtag Jameson! My post though is not about this new baby !

I was looking at my Twitter feed and noticing how the hashtag’s are helping us to filter messages that we are more interested in.

With the amount of mail one gets in our inboxes, maybe tagging emails is the next best way to identify and respond.

This will surely help all to ignore the ones that are not important and jump straight to what is essential and important.

Maybe Google can generate the tags automatically by looking at the content!

What do you think can help in reducing the email spam we receive?

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