The troika that will change the way organizations work

Well, there are many trends that will change organizations think, strategize and operate. But there are three that will stand out in the near future – what are they?

  1. Digitization. This term has been loosely defined and most often, people do not seem to understand the difference between digital and online. Therein lies the opportunity…Organizations have to move away from traditional paper-based processes to a more agile, nimble digital model both on the backend operations as well as customer-facing processes. This could imply a lot more changes to systems – moving out of traditional legacy systems (application modernization), creating a robust internal service-oriented architecture, creating mobile-first design standards and so on.
  2. IoT adoption. This is still in an infant stage but sure to pick up very rapidly thanks to two consortiums (OIC and AllSeen). Organizations are rushing to jump onto the bandwagon but not much has happened so far. Smartphone, Smart-dashboard, Smart fridges, Wearables and the list goes on. Right now, wearables are the flavor of the season with Google and Apple leading from the front.
  3. Gamification.  Gamification has been ‘in vogue’ for the last 18 months with a lot of push coming from consultants and product vendors. This has proved to be successful both in internal and external use-cases. This will provide the missing piece of puzzle to ensure the data generated from the IoT (and consumed by the digital processes within organizations) are meaningful to consumers. This is where the stickiness comes in – if not, there is no value in the tonnes of data generated as well as the change in processes.

These three processes, if implemented properly, will take organizations into the next-generation of customer interaction where not just millennials but customers of any age will feel engaged.

Do you agree? If not, what other trend you see gaining traction in recent times?


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