Is your smartphone really smart?

Wikipedia definition of Smartphone is that

Smartphone is a mobile phone with more advanced computing capability and connectivity than basic feature phones.

The image that one gets on looking at a smartphone is not that of computing capability or connectivity but more in terms of the activities one gets to do with – it has effectively replaced a watch, an alarm-clock, music-player, diary and so on. The smartphone also became one with which you could save a lot of data (contact details, messages, videos, songs, etc.). With the advent of cloud, I feel that the smartness has kind-of reduced! Why do I think so? Let me explain.

I have an Android phone and what has happened post that?

  • My contacts have been synced with my Google account.
  • Google Auto-Backup runs regularly to copy all photos and videos to Google Drive.
  • Messages are now synced with Hangouts

While this is good in one way (that I dont lose my data if my phone is lost), I feel then that my smartphone has become more like a browser – an entry-point, nothing more.

Of course, it has all the numerous apps that I can play and browse. For the main reason I bought a smartphone though, there is not much smartness left on the phone though! Agree?


2 Responses to “Is your smartphone really smart?”

  1. prateekkhare Says:

    Very well pointer out, as usual. I thoroughly agree with the evolution in purpose of a smartphone. However I would also like to share my use case which is slightly different.
    I use an iPhone for two reasons- I am scared of Google (I use Duckduckgo search engine) and hence no Android and secondly I generally like the experience of iPhone.
    I have turned off iCloud sync feature and do not backup contacts at all. Facetime for video calls and ‘secret chat’ on Telegram to enjoy privacy. I know its strange and not in line with contemporary technology advancements, but its an impact of unintended consequence of technology success/progress. Are all my conversations and activities safe from ethical hacking? No.
    Is my smart phone smart? No. Its still a device that I control or it controls me many a times 😉 I amateur-ly try my best to safeguard my privacy.
    Please let me know what do you think of my opinion.
    My Kind Regards

  2. Madhusudan Rao Says:

    Agreed Prateek. Privacy is a major concern as well. With cloud getting more traction, things will get more murkier!

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