Indian Passport Reissue – Tatkal process

This post details my recent experience with the Passport office (and other related government offices) to renew my passport. Hopefully it will help one in a similar situation later on.

I had presented my passport for Schengen visa processing and expected it to come back with the stamping. To my surprise, I received a call from the Consulate stating that the passport has been damaged and they wanted me to come back with a new passport. This was Friday afternoon – no way I could get anything started on the new passport. I did go immediately to receive my passport – the ‘damage’ was the plastic lamination on the first page peeling off ! Must have happened because the passport had been manhandled quite badly (mostly by me and rest by the immigration officials all over while scanning it).

I filed my application online at the website and decided to take the tatkal route the following Monday where one could go with the printout to the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK). Since I didnt have any change in the address or name, I thought I had an advantage and so, my process would be completed early. Thus, started my eventful two weeks with the Passport process. Read on!

  • Day 1 – Monday morning at PSK (Lalbagh, Bangalore) saw me standing in a queue at 8am in the morning with a number of folks who wanted a tatkal appointment. When the office opened at 9am, people were allowed inside the office. The first stop was the enquiry counter – 3 were for Tatkal walk-ins while there were 2-3 more for normal applicants. After standing in the queue for almost an hour, my application letter was received at the counter and sent inside for verification. Few minutes later, the person at the counter called my name and gave me the news that he will not be able to give a tatkal appointment since my passport was damaged. Lesson #1 – If your passport is damaged, you cannot apply by tatkal. Getting a normal appointment was futile (next date available was one month later). But, I needed the passport urgently. What else can I do? The staff was very helpful and suggested that I go to the Regional Passport Office at Koramangala to get an approval from the Officer to process further. I dashed off to the office – they took walk-in’s from 930 am to 1200 hours. Though I reached there by 1135, the person at the enquiry counter said that since the application form already had ‘damaged’ written on it, I needed a different copy of the application form. There was no way I could get another print-out in the remaining time (20 minutes) and hence decided to go the next day.
  • Day 2 – RPO – Tuesday morning at Regional Passport Office (RPO) at 8:30 am in the morning where I saw a number of folks already present. Wonder where people are travelling in this economy! I managed to get a darshan of the enquiry counter by 10am where the person asked me to meet the Assistant Passport Officer (sitting in Room 11). The meeting with the officer was quite short where the officer stamped the letter asking the office to process the appointment further. Lesson #2 – please get Form notarized before you take your application form – (Annexure “L”). All annexures are available here.
  • Day 2 – PSK – I had to rush back to the PSK Lalbagh since they allowed walk-ins from 9 to 1130 only (later realized that with the officer’s stamp, they did allow at a later time also). After going through the documents, they realized that my marital status had changed from the last passport! So, I had to get my proof now. Lesson #3 – if anything has changed in your life (change of name, address or marital status), you are better off carrying the proof with you for the walk-in. After getting an agreement from the counter that they will accept me again, I went back home to get the proof. You can sense my frustration increasing but what happened next was very pleasant! The staff had withheld my appointment which meant that I didnt have to wait for long in the queue again and proceeded to go to the different counters A, B, C. This was my first time since TCS had taken over this process and to be fair to them, the business process has been revamped and it shows! Counters that took your photographs, finger-prints were marked A. Once done, we were asked to go to next counter ‘B’ where another person validated all that had been done. Then, it was the last counter ‘C’ where the lady cancelled my existing passport and said that the process will continue to police verification. The status was Normal and not Tatkal! How can I upgrade to Tatkal? I decided to meet the Lead who was walking the floor at the PSK for ideas. He asked me to get police verification done as soon as possible.
  • Day 2 – Police station – I then proceeded to the police station in the evening to meet the person who would help me out for the verification along with a neighbour whose name was provided in the application. To my surprise, the application was available with the police the very evening after the PSK routine was done. But, the process is still not manual. The police had to print out the application and copy details to three other forms manually 😦 Why wasn’t the last mile left out?  Why did the Passport Office not provide that convenience as well? Lesson #4 – Please carry 2 passport photos, ID proof, address proof and copy of your appointment acknowledgement (given by PSK)
  • Day 3 – The Police department was delayed because the Chief Minister was in the locality inaugurating a flower show. The team was busy with the security arrangements and hence, the report was sent later in the day from the local police station. There is an online process as well as a offline copy sent manually to the Commissioner’s office.
  • Day 4 – Status on the passport site showed that the report had been submitted by the local police station and the application was with Police Commissioner’s office for approval. I tried looking at the police site but no update there. I decided to go down to the Commissioner office on Monday if the status did not change. All that I could do till then was to wait!
  • Day 5 – National Holiday (Ramzan) and nothing moved.
  • Weekend and no action – decided not to worry about the status till Monday.
  • Day 6 – Monday morning again. The status changed – passport printing in progress. Decided to go to the RPO to upgrade my status to Tatkal (as per the suggestion of the TCS Lead at PSK).
  • Day 7 – Again, after standing for an hour, got the token to see the Assistant Passport Officer. The Officer asked for urgency proof to process it by tatkal. Lesson #5 – Please carry letter from your organization (if employed) that talks about the urgency for passport. Once done, the Officer asked for ID card from my organization – I didn’t carry it with me and hence that meant another visit to my house. So, Lesson #6 – Please carry your ID card that shows your affiliation with the organization that gave the urgency letter. Next, was the section where I had to pay the penalty (2000 Rs) – counter where there was a big line. After that was the counter where the documents were scanned so that the system updated my application. Once done, I had to meet the Officer at Room No.11 once again. The Officer then called up someone and told him to go ahead for printing. 
  • Day 8 – status on the website changed to Printed and by late in the night, got changed to Passport has been dispatched via Speed Post. There was a mention of Tracking Number but didn’t find it anywhere.
  • Day 9 – National Holiday (Independence Day).
  • Day 10 – Received my passport today 🙂

All in all, it took me less than 2 weeks for me to get my passport reissued. Hope this helps you! Do let me know your experiences if it differed.


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  1. bhaskar Says:

    To my pleasant surprise, in the year 2011, I had got my passport renewed within 3 days. Had got an appointment at passport ceva kendra on outer ring road.
    Went a little early than my appointment time, stood in the que. Allowed inside at our allotted time. I had applied under tatkal, so the man at the counter asked me to wait till he verified my eligibility to apply in tatkal.

    From him I understand, if one’s police verification had some remarks (may be negative) he/she cannot apply under tatkal.

    Once inside, process took roughly half an hour and I had come out.

    Best part is getting a call from my wife on Monday while I was in office, saying my passport arrived by speed post!

    After more than one year of my receiving new passport, I got a call from police constable for verification.
    Hope helps someone !

    • chetan Says:

      I am facing this issue now a month back i did all and even police verification but now got SMS the verification report not finalized by commissioner office contact police station ..please help.
      Also they asked 1000 documents for address proffs.i stay in pune on rented a[artment.
      I had last passport expired last month was from MP.

  2. Mitesh Makwana Says:

    I can understand your frustrating situation. Now look at my case.

    Australian immigration has requested my Police Clearance Certificate and Medical as well on 14th Oct.

    1) I took appointment for PCC on 15th Oct and visited Vadodara PSK on same day.

    2) APO did not accept my application as my spouse name was not endorsed in the passport. They advised me to apply for reissue passport.

    3) I applied online and took appointment of 17th Oct for new passport.

    4) I visited and successfully done all process on 17th Oct.

    5) I checked status on 23rd that Passport is dispatched from Ahmedabad. So I booked my appointment for PCC and date given was 24th Oct.

    6) I directly approached post office and collected passport at 10:30 AM. Surprisingly passport had no Address, File Number and Old passport number printed.

    7) I visited vadodara PSK sharp after 15 minutes and they told me that if you want your passport corrected urgently you visit Ahmedabad Region Passport Office as soon as possible and they will reprint it on the same day and carry all you documents they will issue PCC as well.

    8) Within 2.5 hours riding my bike to Ahmedabad I reached there at 1:15 PM.

    9) The counter was about to close for lunch time and I managed to reach there by arguing with watchman at the main gate.

    10) They asked for hand written application and a photo copy of old passport and original copy of faulty passport. I insisted to meed RPO as advised by vadodara APO.

    11) I waiting there for around 2 hours but they didn’t allow me to meet the dy. passport officer.

    12) Finally I submitted my application at counter and the person told me that I would get it maximum in 3 working days.

    13) I didn’t received my passport in 5 working days so again contacted Vadodara PSK. They called Regional Passport Office to look into my application and do the needful as soon as possible.

    14) Today is 7th day I applied for the passport but there is still no update on this.

    Now I can not hold patience. I have to wait and waste my time because of their fault. How can they issue passport without address printed on it? Moreover no file number and old passport number. How can officer stamp the passport and passed it? What their quality staff doing?

    Worst experience of my life is going and frustration has pick highest level.

  3. mbmcbb Says:

    Dear Friend I am in need of getting your support.My passport going to expire in 5 Jan 2014.My company planning to send me to Abroad in Jan.So i need to renew the passport.

    I am from TamilNadu now working in Bangalore pls confirm me if i can renew passport in Bangalore with the old address that is of Tamilnadu same address.

    It is little nervous thing to me.Please feedback me. My email is mbmcbb at gmail dot come

    pls support

    • Madhusudan Rao Says:

      You can renew in Bangalore if you can show your current address-proof. If you want to get it in your TN address, you need to do it from Tamil Nadu – would be better if you do it now itself – don’t wait for the passport to expire!

  4. Anil reddy Says:

    Hi Madhusudhan,
    Your post really informative.

    Need some info urgently. I got a chance to goto australia on jan 6th 2014. But my passport is damaged. As we cannot apply in tatkal i applied in normal and goto appointment for 1/1/2014. Now can i get my application processed as you did? Only thing is i applied in normal.

    Also do we need to carry documents if we goto rpo koranangala?

    Do they ask for company letter?

    Can you please let me know, i am in a do or loose position.

    • Madhusudan Rao Says:

      Yes. You can go to RPO, Koramangala for the permission to make it tatkal. Please see lessons #5 and #6 🙂

      Please carry letter from your organization that talks about the urgency for passport. Also, carry your ID card that shows your affiliation with the organization that gave the urgency letter.

      Hope this helps!

  5. stanley Says:

    Hi Madhusudan,
    Thank you for the detailed info. I am in the same boat, a damaged passport. Could you please tell me what are the required documents for applying for a new passport. Did you have to make another appoint with the US consulate, how did you go about once you got the new passport ?

    Thanks in advance,

  6. Priya J Says:

    Hello….I would like to apply for re-issue of passport from Mumbai (due to change in name and address after marriage)….please advice (i) whether PAN card (with new name- as identity proof), Bank statement for one year of bank of India (with new address – as address proof) along with marriage certificate are sufficient….. (ii) how many days are required for application under normal procedure….. (iii) if passport is received, can I apply for visa before getting post-police verification….kindly help for above matter at earliest….

    • Madhusudan Rao Says:

      Address proof and Identity proof is required (if both are on same document, great!) – usually need this to be provided by the government (voter-id, PAN-card, telephone bill).

      Normal procedures take 2-4 weeks typically – as I mentioned in my post, the time taken is max. for police verification.

      Please wait till you get your passport before applying for visa – you will have to submit your passport for your visa, right?

      • Priya J Says:

        thanks for the reply…..actually one of my friend received the passport on tatkaal basis (November 2013) and on the same passport, she has travelled abroad, without police verification completed…in my case, I would required reissued passport before 15th Jan 2014, as I will be shifting from India to other country (for which I need to apply for visa)….my only concern is police verification, which will require max time…kindly comment.

      • anil Says:

        once u submit the application, it will reach police station the same day as said by madhusudan, give ur file number, police will dowload ur form from passport website. Pay him some money and ask him to send the next day itself. Thats it police verification done. The same thing i did today 🙂

      • Priya J Says:

        Thanks….one more question….do I need to apply for police clearance certificate along with re-issue of passport?? or it is to be done after PSK officer inform whether pre/post police verification is required or not….

      • Priya J Says:

        Question no.2: my old passport was issued when I was unmarried…now when I am applying for re-issue of passport, do I need to give addition of spouse name as change in existing particular….kindly clarify….

      • anil Says:

        yes you have to. Present marriage certificate or annexure d.

  7. subhas Says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience in nice way.

    I am applying online in tatkal for re-issue of my passport for 3 reasons( Passport will expire in june 2013,ECR-Deletion, address change).
    The documents required is 1. Voter ID for address proof 2. Graduation certificate .Do I need the notary for the form I??

    In online application,I have filled up the renewal passport portion and got the ARN no..but could not pay the. money and also didnt get appointment.Is it required in tatkal to get appointment of I can go directly as u mentioned without appintment (Tatkal).

    Also do I need to fill up the APPLY for police clearance certificate??

    • Madhusudan Rao Says:

      You have mentioend June 2013 – does it mean that passport has already expired?

      • varsha Says:

        Hi Madhusudan, I guess u know a lot about passport and visa. I am in US now, and I want to invite my parents to visit US. My father’s passport doesn’t have surname. Surname is left blank. But all his documents have the surname. Will there be any problem in getting a visa for him?

  8. AK Says:

    I am staying in Bangalore for last 18 months(From May 2012).
    I want to get passport for my Wife and daughter, But i was unable to arrange a one year address proof for my wife.
    So i decided to apply for reissue of passport for SPouse name addition and address change. That will enable me to use my passport as address proof for my wife.

    I applied for the reissue via online submission of the application in Tatkal quota.
    The application was accepted and i got an appointment for 26-Nov-2013, 12.30 PM at Marathalli PSK.

    I had the following documents with me
    1. The reissue application ARN.
    2. My original Passport
    3. Original Marriage Certificate
    4. Gas Connection Book
    5. Gas Cylinder bills from Jul 2012 to Nov 2013.
    6. Two Passport size photos

    I took 3 photo copies of each of the above mentioned documents.

    I reached the Marathalli PSK at 12.00.
    I was allowed to stand in the queue at 12.15.
    I was let in at 12.30.

    I stood in the Tatkal queue.
    I was asked for ARN prinout and the following photo copies
    1. Passport
    2. Gas bills and Gas Books
    3. Marriage Certificate

    On submission of these documents the Official at the counter asked me to wait till my name is called out.

    My name was called out after 15 minutes.
    The official at the counter told me that i cannot apply for the reissue in TATKAL since Police Verification was incomplete from my original passport.
    I requested to take the application in Normal Quota. The application was accepted in normal quota and i was issues a token.

    I completed the formalities at counter A, B and C and i was out of the PSK at 2.15 with Acknowledgement status “Granted”.

    A Police officer called me saying he will visit the address mentioned in the application at 10.00 am on 30-Nov-2013.
    I was told the documents that will be required on his visit.

    A Police Office arrived at my home at 10.30 am.
    I gave the following document(Photo Copies).

    1. Original Passport
    2. Gas Bills(July -2012 and Nov-2013)
    3. PAN card
    4. Adhaar Card (Not Mandatory)

    The Police official told me that the concerned Inspector who will sign the report will be available on 09-Dec-2013 since he is out of station.

    10-Dec-2013, On the Passport website, The status was “PVR report submitted to Bangalore Police Commissioner’s Office”.
    12-Dec-2013, On the Passport website, The status was “Police have submitted a clear report for the address”.
    13-Dec-2013, On the Passport website, The status was “Passport Printing in Progress”.
    14-Dec-2013, On the Passport website, The status was “Passport Printed and will be dispatched soon”.
    18-Dec-2013, On the Passport website, The status was “Passport A1234567 has been dispatched on 18/12/2013 via Speed Post Tracking Number AA123456789IN”.
    19-Dec-2013, I collected the Passport at my house at 2.00 pm.

  9. Rahul Says:

    What might happen if you refuse to pay a policeman when you have applied and received your passport under tatkaal. Can they put any negative remarks and up to what level it may impact your passport current or in future.

  10. Yateendra Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am having a passport issued by Dehradun passport office in 2009 valid till 2019. currently I am staying in Agra from last 2.5 years which is under Ghaziabad passport area.
    Due to official traveling to overseas my passport’s all pages are full. I want to get a new book with 60 pages on Tatkal seva As per passport seva website a person can apply reissue of passport with clause “exhaustion of pages” without annexure F. The person has to present original passport and address proof only.
    My question is can I apply reissue of passport on Tatkal seva without annexure F?

  11. Vrushali Says:

    Hi Sir,
    I had applied my passport in Thane in 2007 and Those people made my surname as we as my dads name wrong in the passport.I applied for recorrection with affadavit but still it was not changed, I had left for Bangalore for joining an IT job (2007).So I didnt bother that time but 3 years later due to urgent requirement i travelled to Japan with a work visa of 1 year with wrong name.Please let me know whether I can do correction now in my passport and where ??? I may need to join my husband in boston soon. Also, I want to change my permanent address to TN now as I am married to a South Indian. Is it possible to do these many changes and will it be any issue for US visa..
    I need to apply passport for my 1 year old kid also.

    • Madhusudan Rao Says:

      You can do a change of name since you are now married. This should be done in a place where you have proper documentation that can prove you are native of that place (Bangalore or Thane as it maybe). US Visa if already stamped can be still availed provided both passports are stamped together

  12. Vinay Rao Says:

    I’m applying for a re-issue via Tatkal. I filled the form and have the ARN. What additional documents do I need for the Tatkal process? Or Do i just fill the police clearance certificate form online?

    • Madhusudan Rao Says:

      You have to still apply for appointment

      • Vinay Rao Says:

        thanks Madhusudan. When I apply for an appointment, it says No tatkal appointments are available online. And that I should try booking an appointment Saturday at 6:30PM, or book through the ‘normal’ process. No word on what the implications of one over the other are.

      • Madhusudan Rao Says:

        Appointments will be made available sharp on saturday at 630pm – dont waste even a minute. Otherwise, you will not get one.

  13. Vinay Rao Says:

    The document advisor says just these documents are needed –
    Old Passport in original with self-attested photocopy of its first two and last two pages, including ECR/Non-ECR page (previously ECNR) and the page of observation (if any), made by Passport Issuing Authority and validity extension page, if any, in respect of short validity passport .
    I was told that Tatkal applications need a different set of documents, like an affidavit and a signed/ notarised clearance certificate. Is this true?

  14. Vrushali Says:

    Hi Sir, I dont want to change name because lot of documents will be needed to be changed.Is it possible for me to just change my name correctly and then add my husbands name in husbands name column and also is it a crime to travel with wrong name as it was urgent …

  15. kiran Says:

    I have applied for new (Normal) passport on 30/01/2014 & I got Appointment 31/01/2013. After police verification completed 01/02/2013 then I checked passport status on 02/02/2013 evening its ‘Police Report has been submitted by SP Office, District Belgaum and passport printing is in progress.’ today means 07/02/2013 passport status will showing same. How soon I can get it in my hand ?

  16. How to convert normal passport application to tatkaal | Saikat's space Says:

    […] […]

  17. Guru Says:

    Hi Madhusudan,

    I lost my passport recently and will have to travel out of country in March 3rd week for personal purpose. Is it possible for me to convert my application to Tatkaal if i go meet the Passport Officer at the RPO in Koramangala.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Madhusudan,

    I have submitted my application for re-issue on 13th Feb 2014. My I know what is the time line it will take to receive the passport . When I track in web site it says under progress . Any Idea who to contact for next steps to know the status.

    thanks in advance… 🙂

  19. Anany Says:

    I tried to get tatkal appointment and couldn’t. Purely because I didn’t know the exact timing when tatkal quota will be opened. So I approached an agent and agreed to pay 6.5K. On Saturday he called me to say my appointment for TUESDAY is confirmed. How ever, I suspect quota for a particular day will be open only one day before. So is the agent lying thinking that he can try for an appointment on Monday for Tuesday? I opted for Tatkal, do I need urgency letter or conduct certificate from some one(as mentioned in RPO website)? If yes, hoping it will be taken care of by the agent

    • Madhusudan Rao Says:

      Tatkal appointment is just like Tatkal booking for rail tickets. You need to be on the site at 6pm every evening to check if you can login and get the appointment. But, it is definitely not worth 6.5k! Regarding the letter, it is better you take care of it – dont depend on your agent. You must have a valid reason and backup material to support the reason!

  20. Niranjan Says:

    Hi Madhusudhan,

    Thanks for the detailed post, this is very helpful as I am in a similar situation. I wanted to check regarding your following statement:

    “The meeting with the officer was quite short where the officer stamped the letter asking the office to process the appointment further”

    The letter you mentioned here, was it written by you requesting the application to be processed further? Also does the passport officer stamp on the Annexure “L”?

    Another question I had was, is it possible to request for Tatkaal processing when we meet with the officer the first time? Say I have taken the appointment, can I get a letter from the passport officer approving the Tatkaal processing before hand to avoid delays? Or its better to submit the application first, get the police verification done and then request for Tatkaal?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    • Madhusudan Rao Says:

      The letter was not written to me – it was an evidence that showed the urgency of my situation (I had to travel on business and hence showed the letter from my office).

      It is possible to request for Tatkal the first day but you have to give proper reason for urgency. Why do you need it to bypass the appointment? Justify.

  21. Anurag Says:

    I applied for Tatkal Appointment at 7 PM for lucknow PSK from 7 days countinously but it every time shows “No appoinment is opend for the selected PSK”. How can i get appointment for tatkal passport?

  22. Javed Says:

    My sister has applied for the passport today under tatkal and she needs it by 21st Mar’14 as she is applying for Hajj whose Last date is 22nd Mar’14.
    Can I collect her passport directly from the regional passport office by provide an authorization letter signed by her?

    • Madhusudan Rao Says:

      Not sure whether this is possible 😦 Please check with the RPO.

      • Harman Dhamija Says:

        Hey hello buddy..
        I badly need your help..
        I am from New delhi.

        I submitted my passport file on 12th of March,2014(Normal) but it is on hold due to absence of birth certificate in english language.But now i have my birth certificate translated in English and i will be going to passport office tommorrow.

        The main thing is that i want my passport file to change it from normal to tatkal as i have to undergo IELTS exam(english profieciency exam required to study abroad) for which passport is mandotary and i can show the proof and i also have proof that i am a student of british council through which i am taking coaching for IELTS.

        So i have a genuine reason for changing my status from normal to tatkal.
        So do u think it will be possible and if yes what should i have to do ??
        Plz help me ..

      • Madhusudan Rao Says:

        Should be possible Harman…dont forget to take the proof documents with you

  23. BK Says:

    Hi Madhusudan,

    Thank you for the such detailed information. Your blog is really very helpful.

    I had a query, I would highly appreciate if you can answer this:

    Currently i m working for a company X in bangalore. I got a job offer from a company Y in USA. I already have H-1B visa, Company Y is transferring my H-1B. Till this everything is fine. The problem starts from my passport.

    My passport is expiring this Sep-2014, hence applied for the re-issue of the passport under the Normal scheme. I submitted the form on 6-Mar-2014 at PSK-sai arcade, my police verification is also completed. Online status shows “Police Report has been submitted by Commissioner Office, District Bangalore and passport printing is in progress.”

    I also want to upgrade this to tatkal to get my passport asap.

    My questions are:
    1) Can I show offer cum joining letter from US company Y and H-1B transfer petition as the proof of urgency for upgrading to tatkal (colored print outs of the soft copy)?
    2) Do I need to carry Annexure ‘F’ or any other annexure?
    3) Any other think you could think of I am missing.
    4) if the answer of 1) is yes, how to get the appointment to meet the Assistance passport officer at RPO, Kormangala?

    Thanks in advance.

  24. BK Says:

    I got to know that because of shortage of passport, it is taking too long time to get the passport under normal scheme. that is why after police verification I wanted to upgrade to Tatkal scheme.

    I am also not sure Annexure F is required to upgrade to Tatkal scheme when the police verification is already done.


  25. dipali Says:

    Hi guys, I would like to share my experience abt tatkal reissue. . I got t msg fro psk that my passport has been dispatched on t same day of submission. But even after 10 days I m yet to receive my passport. . In post office the consignment details are not found.. After my experience I will say, that its not mandatory that u will get passport early in tatkal modes..

  26. Artai Ghorpade Says:

    hi, i want change my name & address in passport. I m a divorcee how many days it will take. And can i apply in tatkal quota. Please reply me.

  27. Ravi Says:

    Hi Madhusudan,

    I applied for tatkal online and got an appointment within 4 days. But came to know you need to have certification and attested letter from gazetted officer.. and I can Not arrange it. So I cancel my appointment and reschedule it under Normal quota and I got an appointment after 45 days.
    Now my appointment letter shows Type of Application as Tatkaal, and Appointment Quota as Normal. Now my question is when I will go there on said date, will they ask for Tatkal related documents OR consider my application and Normal application.

    • Nij Says:

      For your question “Now my question is when I will go there on said date, will they ask for Tatkal related documents OR consider my application and Normal application.”

      What happened to you ? I am curious to know because I am in the same situation.

  28. Pankaj Vyas Says:

    i have applied reissue passport in normal scheme on 29-04-2014 for my daughter and my daughter have SAT/TOFEL exam on 25-05-2014 and 07-06-2014 respectively but before valid passport she can give exam. so i ahve question whether she can change the status from normal to tatka or what is alternative way

  29. Waseem Tabraze Says:

    Hello Madhusudhan Rao, It was nice reading your experience.
    I feel glad if you can answer my question.
    I have submitted a Normal Passport application through website recently. Due to a problem in my Date of birth certificate I was asked to get it corrected. Now I don’t have much time. I need to get my passport in a week urgently. At this point of time, can I change the passport application from Normal to Tatkal?
    Thanks in advance.

  30. rahul Says:

    i got my passport renewed.but the photo is not clear while scanning.what to do?i have to submit again or what? is it their mistake.can any one help me to find a solution ?
    your immediate reply will be highly appreciated

  31. Leona Says:

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  32. download book online Says:

    Everything is very open with a precise description of the issues.
    It was truly informative. Your site is very useful. Thank you for sharing!

  33. asish Says:

    My status shows police report submitted and action for passport printing is initiated for last 7 much time does it take

  34. anjana jha Says:

    Hey madhusudan,
    I am in a urgent need of passport, my history is I had applied for passport in 2010 but my police verification cud not be completed at that time since I was out on a long vacation n by the time I came the file was closed, I m married now and my husband is in usa on hib visa, I applied for a passport in 2014, march through an agent who said that I can not apply for a tatkal quota since I had already applied for one in 2010, but the agent has not got the appointment till now (under normal quota),I m getting wrestless now, I am thinking of asking the agent to close my file since I dont trust his service anymore as it has been 3 months and I am still with no appointment.
    I wanted to ask can I go for tatkal passport myself online??
    Please help me with your reply.thanks much!!! 🙂

    • Madhusudan Rao Says:

      I would suggest you try to reach out to police station and get verification completed so that the previous appointment can be progressed

    • anjana jha Says:

      Hey hi,thanks a lot fr replying, I still have a doubt that my previous appointment of 2010 where police verification could not happen, I have already got an letter by post that my file is closed due to non completion of police verification, can I still go to police station with the receit of 2010 or is it not valid now and I m suppose to apply for a new passport?
      Sry fr bothering you again but reply will really be a gr8 gr8 help.thanks in advance!! 🙂

  35. prachi Says:

    Hi madhusudan
    My case is quite different, i lost my passport and for reapplication i had applied it in tatkal scheme not knowing that it isn’t allowed i went ahead with appointment and there i came to know that i cannot apply the same in tatkal and i was told to reschedule my appointment in normal category, i did the same and rescheduled my appointment , all i need to ask is , in my application form the application type is still tatkal and it cannot be changed but my appointment is in general category, will this be acceptable?

  36. Evan Says:

    Hello Madusudan,

    Tommorow is my appointment date for my passport (Normal) However i recently joined a new company which required me to travel next month first week.. How can i get it convert to tatkal? is that possible? if yes please tell me the procedures..Thnakyou 🙂

  37. Maheswari Says:

    Hi Madhusudan,

    My husband need to renew his passport due to expiry. We need the passport urgently and have decided to apply for tatkal passport. We have submitted the application online and now are trying to pay and schedule appointment at PSK Bangalore. We were trying for last 2 days but in vein. Reviewing the posts from other users, it is less chance to get the appointment online. Is there a walk-in at PSKs bangalore for tatkal passports?

  38. varsha Says:

    Hi Madhusudan, I guess u know a lot about passport and visa. I am in US now, and I want to invite my parents to visit US. My father’s passport doesn’t have surname. Surname is left blank. But all his documents have the surname. Will there be any problem in getting a visa for him?

  39. Rakesh Says:

    Hi Sir,
    I came to know that for some countries travel document (passport) must be valid at least three months after the expiration of the requested visa period.I am in the process of getting visa. My passport expiry date is 18-01-2016 and my last date of my visa period will be probably 30-09-2015. So there is exactly 3 months left (OCT 2015-JAN 2016). Will there be any problem during visa process in my case based on my passport expiry? I am in a confusion whether if I go for reissue of my passport, will I get it in time. How long will it take for normal procedure of reissuing passport if I start now? I think tatkal scheme will not work in my case as my passport will not fall within one year of the expiry. Plz provide me the necessary help.

  40. Darsh P. Says:

    Hi Madhusudan, Its really helpful.Thanks a lot for your detailed post.

    I have a little bit different situation here and I am not getting answer anywhere. My middle name and last name changed after getting married. I am applying for Re-issuance of passport with name change. I have applied through online and I have also opted for Tatkal seva. I have a appointment tomorrow at PSK Ahmedabad. I have all my documents ready EXCEPT THE ANNEXURES. Do I have to bring signed and stamped Annexures F & Annexure I in order to get a Tatkal Passport? Or I have to meet with an officer at PSK first and then get the Annexures signed and stamped by influential person after. Can u reply to thatg please.


  41. rkk Says:

    Hi Madhusudan ,

    I suppose to apply for an re-issue of passport.Unknowingly i applied for a fresh passport through online apply (I have a passport which got expired on 2006) and i got an tatkal appointment on 21st jul after paying an 2000/- through challan payment.i went on 21st with doc. and got rejected due to non submission of Annexure F and I.and they have given 3 more days to make the doc. ready.My question is can i go with the same appointment letter and convert it to normal mode? is that cause any problem for non disclosing of my old expired passport in application form? and for 1 year address proof can PSK accepts copy of tax assement order printed from e mail?

    I need your valuable answer since i have to go tomorrow to PSK(i e..24.07.14)

  42. Anu Says:

    Hello Sir, My husband had applied for Tatkal Passport and he got the appointment for 24 July in Bangalore passport office. But since there was an address change and he is not staying in Bangalore, the officer asked him for 2 address proofs(He had only taken the address proof of our Gas connection). He got the HR letter from his company and again appeared at the passport office on 25th. But again the officer asked for 1 year Gas bills as primary address proof. But we do not have last years bills with us and so my husband did not appear at the passport office today, which was his last day of appointment. Today we have have got another address proof of post paid mobile connection. So can he appear at the passport office on 30th which is the next working day? Can you please provide your suggestions on what should be our next step.

  43. Sagar Says:

    Hello, I am applying for a re issue of passport @ Bangalore for my mother in tatkaal process, Is it mandatory to have a certification and attested letter from gazetted officer ? Wanted to know if there any documents needed apart from Address proof, Old Passport copies and letter forappyling in tatkaal.
    Please let me know ?

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Hello madhusudhan I am applying for a re-issue of passport, but have a change in address…I have an opportunity to work abroad, nothing fixed I eligible to apply through tatkal service? Since they might need a reason for urgency…and I would have no documents to provide since my interview or selection has not yet been lined up? Please help me..if I can apply through tatkal and get my passport soon..

  45. Sarin VR Says:

    Hi, The last step where you had to write a letter to APO regarding urgency. It would be good if you can share a sample format for the same.


  46. Anonymous Says:

    Hello Madhusudhan, i had applied for a reissue of the passport cause no page left for stamping on my passport, i did a tatkal thing and got my new passport delivered to my home in 4 days flat excluding sat sunday, There was no mention of police verification nor any police men came home or called, Now after allmost two year i got a letter from RPO that i got adverse report from police stating that i didnt get my police verification done, so please call upon us with a suitable reply., I am in Malaysia for holiday ,could u please suggest what should i do , I am from mumbai


  47. Kelly Says:

    i just wanted to ask when u apply for reissue of passport if am not wrong u get a passport with new passport number with old passport number date and place of issue at the back of ur passport and u get ur old passport on ur hand with cancelled stamp. My question is when u r applying for visa to travel some country does the embassy of that country will b able to identify the details of old passport this means does the new passport file no is linked with old passport?

  48. Passport Appointment Says:

    Please share the tips on Passport Appointment booking. Not getting it from last one month

  49. vijay Says:

    Can I modify passport type from ‘Fresh’ to ‘Re-issue’? if so, how can I retain same ARN?

  50. Vishnu Says:

    I do not think its possible to apply in Tatkal mode without annexure F. Letter from a Private company, flight tickets etc do not help much with respect to urgency. If opting for Tatkal then one must submit annexure F.

    • Gaurav Says:

      Wrong no proof required for tatkal…just some extra money …today I applied for tatkal they did not even once mention proof of urgency !!! Pls dont spread wrong info

  51. Shirish Agarwal Says:

    1) With respect to the above mentioned ARN, I Shirish Agarwal bring to your kind attention that i have applied for the fresh passport on 15.01.2015 by mistake

    2) Whereas, I have been issued the Passport earlier, which expired on 10.10.2012 Date of Issue – 11.10.2002, Place of Issue – Mumbai

    3) I have paid the passport application fees of Rs. 1500/- already by Credit Card

    4) I was told that i have to apply under REISSUE if the old passport expires within 3 years.

    5) I now request you to kindly assist me to edit the application form and make the desired changes

    6) Else what steps are to be taken as the application fees is paid already

    Request you to kindly help me on this at the earliest.

    Shirish Agarwal

  52. Vijay Says:

    Hi Shirish- you have to submit another application with ‘RE-ISSUE’ without an appointment. so, you should carry both the ARN printouts to PSK

  53. Anonymous Says:

    hi madhu,

    I do not have a surname in my passport,so i have to get a new passport now for H1B ..Actually i have my surname added to my given name .so i have to get it edited as name separately and surname separately.For that can i apply tatkal passport ,if so what all documetns would be necessary?

  54. Ashok Says:

    What time it will take to get my passport reissued

  55. Zakir Hussain Says:

    Hi Madhusudhan,

    Today my Sons (2) Passports were delivered. To my surprise, in one of the Passports my Surname was wrong.
    I work in Saudi Arabia & I had already sent an Affidavit (SWORN IN AFFIDAVIT for Minor Child in INDIA) as I couldn’t be present at the PSK while submitting the application.
    With the above scenario, do I need to produce once again the SWORN IN AFFIDAVIT from Saudi Arabia or the old scanned one will still work. Also, can I apply in TATKAL for Re-Issue of Passport…?

    Please reply…

  56. sahaj minhas Says:

    hi madhusudhan,
    i have lost my passport at home . Therefore m in need of a new passport or a duplicate one. can you advise me on how to get a re issued passport as soon as possible .

    Can you also enlighten me on the time taken for the re issuing process under tatkal qouta and normal quota?
    Which procedure should i choose if i need my passport within 25 days?

    yours faithfully
    sahaj minhas

  57. Kamal Says:

    Hi Manish.

    Ur help is greatly appreciated.

    I got married recently.Now I want to add my wife name in my passport under spouse name.I have validity till 20/03/2018.

    I have following doubt.

    1: I just need to update spouse name and rest all are same.
    in this case whether they will do police verification. (Pre or post)
    2. How much time they will take to deliver my passport under normal scheme and tatkaal.

    3 if I will go for tatkaal . Do I need verification certificate from any Gazetted officer.

    4. can I apply for 60 pages passport.

    5 last 1 years I stayed in more then 7 cities due to my official meeting will they do police verification for all the cities.

    6. Max. Time I m not available at my home due to busy meeting scheduled always out of city. So if they will do policeVerification and I m not available then what they will do?. Can I visit police station before my application reaches police station.


  58. Anonymous Says:

    Annexure F is not required for renewal. Its required only if you are applying for fresh passport or your passport expired more than 3 years ago. I confirmed this from the PO Pune. I had both Annexure F & I but nobody asked for it, so all my efforts were just waste of time.

    Just check the document list mentioned in the “Document Advisory”. You dont need anything else.

  59. chetan Says:

    Thanks for sharing information……
    I really hate the process of tatkal its surely a fast process but of no use since tatkal police verification is not there.and if you are not from that state then you are doomed.

    I am facing this issue now a month back i did all and even police verification but now got SMS the verification report not finalized by commissioner office contact police station ..please help.
    Also they asked 1000 documents for address proffs.i stay in pune on rented a[artment.
    I had last passport expired last month was from MP.

  60. Manasa Says:

    Hi Madhusudan,

    I have applied for reissue of passport for addition of spouse name and change in my fathers name. Now change in fathers name is 10 years back when my passport was issued they had printed my legal guardians name on it. But since all my educational certificates and birth certificate have my father’s name; i had added this request also for reissue.

    I need my passport before 20th of Aug as i have to attend IELTS exam on 29th August.

    I went PSK Marathahalli on 30th July for reissue. I had spoken to APO regarding this and she suggested to go to Koramangla branch and speak to RPO. I got an acknowledgement slip with status “on hold” for police verification. I asked her when shall i visit the RPO and reply was on Aug3rd.

    Now please suggest which steps needs to taken:

    1. Police verification and after clearance need to go to RPO
    2. Go to RPO and get the grant for printing.

    Please note i have got all my documents verified and my birth certificate also has required details.

    Your suggestion will be highly helpful at this juncture.

    Thanks in advance.


  61. asit dash Says:

    I have applied for normal passport on 19.10.2015 and have got appointment on 23.10.2015 at delhi, but due to certain reason I want to re-schedule it to third week of December, 2015. Can I do that?

  62. jana sri Aushadhihyd Says:

    Dear sir

    my name is pandu ranga reddy india
    my pass port is expiry date 26/2/2016 my company is other country(Kuwait) so my company are passport renewal doing. company persons are talks true are false

  63. manikandan Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Have a great day,

    Actually i came to dubai via 3 month visit visa for searching a job.When i arrived and finished my immigration formalities and i came out of the dubai airport & i checked my passport ECR stamp page is missing (2 nd page of my
    passport).I don’t know how did happen and where.After that at the next day i went to indian embassy and i informed them about this but they told me we can”t do anything if u want to back to india take out pass and leave,otherwise you will try to get the job offer once you will get any offer letter in uae then is it possible to apply damaged passport and also i went to BLS services they also told me the same thing.So i want to know below the details for my further process.

    1.Am in 3 month visit visa & now am finished 1 month and i have more 2 months only.May be i will get the offer letter in the end of my 2nd month or last month is it possible can i apply for damaged passport.

    2.I asked BLS service they told me this process will take 60 days and that time my visa will come to finish then what i will do for that.Any other option for that.

    3.My new company will accept to apply damaged passport for me & this process will give any problem to my new company.

    4.Is it possible can i take offer letter in uae and i will be back to india via out pass and i will process my damaged passport in india and come back to join to my new company.

    Please give to me the above details for my further process.My future is depends on your reply.Thank you very much.Awaiting for your reply.

  64. Nag Says:

    Hi Madhu,

    My passport validity expired last year May. So I’m applying forre-issue of the passport. But i need the passport immediately.So i’m going for tatkaal option.
    Plz Note: There is no change in my residence address. But i need my spouse name to included in the renewed passport.

    When i filled in online form and checked for documents
    they say only old passport with photocopy is required.
    Do i have to carry all the below documents?
    1. VC certificate
    2. NOC certificate
    3.Prior Intimation Letter
    4. Identity Certificate

    Else any one of them would do?

    To my knowledge only VD certificate and Affidivate ‘I’ would do right?

    Please help.

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  66. rishi Says:

    Dear sir my mothers School leaving certificate is in Kannada , please advise from where to get officially translated in English for submitting in passport office.

  67. varun kumar Says:

    Hi sir,

    I have a passport issued at coimbatore, Tamil nadu in 2006. Its about to expire in May 2016. I am currently working in chennai. My question is ” Can i apply for re-issue of passport in a PSK in chennai with my coimbatore address proof. No change of address. So tat i need not travel to coimbatore on weekday for the same.”.

    varun Kumar

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  76. aritra bhowmik Says:

    Hi. I have a travel ticket to GERMANY on 1st JULY, 2016. I applied for a ‘visit to friend’ VISA. Just today, the German Embassy rejected my VISA application by saying my passport is damaged. My passport is completely new. The page where my photo is there, is totally unharmed and just its last page, where my parent’s name and address are there, its lamination is peeling off. Now what should i do? I feel so helpless. Please, guide me. As it is a visit to friend VISA, can i get the “urgency proof” to process it by tatkal???

  77. kamesh Says:

    Hi Mr. Rao,
    I want to know, what is the best possible way to cancel/close the application(with file no) in less time. Coz, I have relocated to different place in months time and my address is changed now. Passport officer put the file on hold to get additional docs for address proof/ resignation letter etc. Want to re-apply from current location(different from address given in previous one). Is it only option to visit my earlier applied passport office to close the file or sending a letter to passport office to close the application will work. If sending letter will work, Please suggest with the process.

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  86. Anandh Says:

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  88. Avtar Singh Says:

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  90. Suhas Says:

    Found this blog and believe it or not, I have the same situation –
    1. Passport slightly damaged
    2. Marital status change
    3. Took Tatkal appointment
    4. APO suggested processing in Normal and get Police Verification completed.
    5. PV completed the next day. Got a sms that Police report is clear.
    It’s been two days since my PV is complete and the status still shows Report received from Commissioner office and priniting initiated.

    Now, to expedite the processing, I don’t have a company letter since I’m about to undertake my personal trip and the visa appointment for the same is coming up in less than a week.

    Please could you suggest any idea as to how I can request expedition? Or, also, if you can share a sample of your company shared letter (high level content would suffice), I will try requesting my HR team if they can help me on the same.

    Many thanks again!

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