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Innovation from ICICI Bank

June 4, 2013

Those with ICICI Bank must have witnessed a slew of changes that they introduced recently. In terms of technology, they are surely at the forefront of use of technologies that benefit customers. More details about the innovation are mentioned here.

The iWish concept is okay, not so great but it is just a beginning. The site has been always very intuitive and has improved quite a bit over years. Some of the features that they introduced have been ahead of time (tie-up with PayBack for loyalty rewards, Personal Financial Management from Intuit to name few). Their integration with the Insurance offerings also work, which is neat.

During my last visit to the local branch, noticed that they had undergone a makeover! More kiosks as well as a room where one could do video-conferencing!! But, why should one come to the branch to do video-con? Why not from the comforts of one’s home? Through skype or any other web-chat? Dont you think that will really help consumers?

Which banking site do you use? Do you think it provides such innovative features? Do tell me about it.


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