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GE and Indian Villages

May 6, 2012

GE has a wonderful opportunity to sell its engines in India. The current electricity problem in India (especially the rural areas) has been well documented.

GE’s Hybrid locomotive engine has been making great strides in bringing in efficiency as well as increasing the Green quotient.

The energy dissipated in braking a 207-ton locomotive over the course of a year is enough to power 160 households for that year. 

If only the Indian Railways start using these engines over their wide railway network across the country, the energy captured when the train stops in the smaller stations will increase the electricity supply provided to the rural areas.

When Air India can place procurement for more aircraft, why cannot the Indian Railways procure more engines?

This way, the Government can improve the electricity situation in the country without investing in power stations and the related infrastructure.

Surely, an idea that will benefit the Indian population.


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