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Two great but contrasting personalities

March 22, 2012

Just finished reading two books back-to-back that are about two people, greats in their own areas.

One of them is a GENIUS – make no doubt about it – the book is the biography of  STEVE JOBS by Walter Isaacson. The other book is about Indian IT Leader Ramadorai – The TCS Story…and Beyond written by the man himself.

Two contrasting personalities who excelled in their field. It was an interesting exercise to read these books and learn more about the history of Information technology. One about the progress of Apple and the troubles it faced before reaching the high peaks it has attained today. The other book talks about how TCS grew from a small organization to become the IT Outsourcing Giant today.

The nature of the leaders are as similar as chalk and cheese. While the nature of Steve Jobs stunned many, Ramadorai would have hardly uttered a wrong word to anyone. Their nature worked for their respective organizations and themselves – no point in going over their achievements. Both of them would agree that their life Journey has been the Reward.

What did I like from Walter and Steve?

  • Steve was a complex person who was very difficult to be understood by his colleagues, friends, family but his clear thinking – companies are made to create great products; not to be built and sold off (as is the case today) – made him different
  • Jobs was very clear with his focus at work – he was persistent that the users did not know about products and thus avoided any market research
  • He was a tough negotiator – wonder if anyone could win against him in a one-on-one duel
  • Even though he was a genius, success did not come easily. Did someone talk about 99% perspiration?

What about Ramadorai?

  • Humility was the hallmark of Ramadorai’s career
  • Being recognized in an organization that already has Ratan Tata as the Group Chairman is no mean achievement
  • Delegation, big picture thinking and Intrepreneurship that was followed within TCS is exemplary

Very happy to read  about these two Greats – if you have not read it, time to pick up the copy.


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