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App-store for TV channels

January 17, 2012

Are you hooked to the current packages that you have bought (paying for channels that you dont watch)?

With Television becoming more and more social, it makes sense for an App-store style application for the million television channels available. No longer the consumer is forced to buy all channels in one package, whether he is willing to see it or not.

The Cha(nnel)-store should contain apps sorted by different genres, popularity, cost per month so that the viewer can select and view them (and probably take a decision to remove/retain after a month).  This way, the viewers will have more choice as well as flexibility over the channels that he can view. Of course, his bill at the end of month can be in his control rather than the whims and fancies of the Service Provider.

This is one way, television channels can move forward from the existing model. Don’t you agree?


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