Travel Television

Television is improving in a big way with recent developments – LCD, LED, 3D and now, Web TV.

Shortly, we will be able to see a day when we can take our television with us when we travel. Not the television but the content that we see on our television at home.

For instance, I stay in India and watch a lot of sports (of course cricket, badminton, etc.), bollywood-based shows (movies, songs, comedy clips, etc.) and Indian news channels (national, state and city-based). When I travel overseas, I miss out on most of these and have to watch channels that are suited to the local country. While this is good to learn about the new country, it becomes difficult after certain period of time.

To continue watching the same content that I watch at home, I need to subscribe to the different channels (if they are available) separately. Business and Leisure travel makes so many of us to travel and definitely we like to keep updated with what is going on in news, sports, business, soaps, etc. With so many channels going digital, there is no issue in them being available in other countries. If I travel on short-term, it is not worth the effort to subscribe separately for these channels.

But, surely, isnt this a business opportunity to pursue? Why not allow subscribers to create a package of channels that one would want to see and allow them to watch it on any TV in the hotel. Of course, there might be a need to have a “bridge” to play the content on any TV but surely that is a minor issue. One can do it without any problems within a country; how to do it across countries and continents would need a bit more planning and scale. Is Google (through Youtube) just scraping the surface now? Let us wait and watch

What do you think? Wouldnt you want this package when you travel ?


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