Agile “Plus”

Agile methodologies typically talk about using communication tools that help the development teams collaborate and communicate in a better way. Google Talk, Skype and other tools were used all these days to improve distributed Agile development.

Enter Google Wave. One thought that Google had come up with a killer feature by which distributed development could be done. But, Google moved in to shut down Google Wave (even though it was promised to be open-sourced). Waves continue to exist till 2011-end but Apache Wave is in existence (though at a primitive level).

Enter Google Plus. This has all the features that I think are essential for Agile development across the globe. The Groups are great to have – one can easily create lists of developers that you want to share information with. The next killer-feature according to me is the Hangout. Multi-user video calling feature from Google which will ensure that one does not have to leave the browser at all. No need to have one tool for conferencing and another for wiki-like conversations – a wonderful all-in-one tool from the greatest Agile company across the globe!

With all these tools adding up to a great combo, I feel that it is Agile ‘Plus’ for all development teams. What do you think?


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One Response to “Agile “Plus””

  1. scrum Frank Lange Says:

    Thank you, you really write in a way everyone – including me 🙂 – can@is able to understand, even if someone does not know very much with these things. But what exactly do you mean with your second sentence? Frank

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