Gap between Colleges and Corporates

Online education and Financial Aid

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Current market conditions have made graduates plan on the areas they should specialize.  The specialization is absolutely essential and can help them to focus on a particular area and upgrade the skills to match the current market needs.

The Current IT industry in India has need for talent in either horizontal and/or functional areas.

For individuals or students who want to build a career, the decision to choose a particular area of interest depends on following:

  • Current Graduation area such as Engineering, Business Administration or Commerce
  • Personal area of interests
  • Individual skills and passion they possess
  • Industry sector which having high demand in today’s environment

Similarly the institutions, teachers and finishing schools should cater to this industry need of making sure the student who passes out has necessary skills to meet the demand.   Some of the steps which these institutions can look at are

  • Have training programs based on Industry demand
  • Arrange webinars and seminars where students can learn more

Guiding students in their career by institutions, parents and industry advisors with this focus will help them to focus further in their areas.

What do you say?


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