Does your email put off your stakeholders?

How many times have you heard these comments?

  • The email was so lengthy I did not have any patience to go through it?
  • I am not sure what the person was trying to convey in his email.

Many a time in their careers, one can say. Email, as it is designed, is communication that is not face-to-face. This leaves out any body language that can impact a conversation between two parties.

Email communication is one important course that is part of any corporate training imparted to their new associates. But, this does not seem to have any effect in the daily lives. There is no real-time feedback given to these folks and they continue making such mistakes in the mail even when they go up the ladder in corporate world. People also like to show off their vocabulary and writing skills so much that they tend to miss the essence that they are trying to convey.

What happens because of this? The recipients tend to create a perception of the sender based on their email and forthcoming mails are not given the respect it deserves. Even a serious mail can slip under the radar purely because of the sender’s inefficiency to convey his message. The character of the sender is typecast based on his mails, impacting the relationship of both parties concerned.

What has been your email experience? What have you done to improve communication from your side?

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2 Responses to “Does your email put off your stakeholders?”

  1. prateekkhare Says:

    Well pointed out.

    I seem to be the only one following your blogs industriously and commenting on each one 🙂

    Again, I am not the right person to be sharing my thought on this post since I have not been involved in client email communication to that great extent , but it relates to email communication so let me just answer both questions –

    What has been your email experience?

    I did not know the importance of ‘when to email, when to IM (chat), when to confront and speak’ and was unaware of importance of ‘length of the email’ and was left unanswered, many a times for being verbose.

    What have you done to improve communication from your side?

    All this, Until I read REWORK :
    It changed everything

  2. Madhusudan Rao Says:

    Thanks for the continuous comments, Prateek. Appreciate it a lot though I might not reply individually.

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