Utilizing the available talent in Organizations

Talents are special skills present in each individual – each one diverse and different from the other. Each one is endowed with a different gift when born – one adds to it by his effort, character and discipline. If the employees are able to utilize their talent to the maximum extent, it relates to a better work-life and higher levels of satisfaction at work.

The first aspect is to change the culture of any organization to foster innovation – the mindset of employees must change from reactive to proactive approach. This can happen effectively by instilling a good organization policy with Senior Management Commitment. Once the employees see the change occurring around them, they will start coming up on their own, with suggestions and improvements.

Policy changes should work in line with the tools that capture these ideas from the employees. Adequate tools have to be installed within an organization so that there is no leakage of ideas/projects. Tools to capture ideas internally and later on, from customers will definitely result in a number of ideas being generated.

Culture has been changed to enable innovation; Tools are in place to capture the ideas from the employees – what next? Leaders. Since the employees will explore uncharted territories in the new set-up, they will need to look up to the Leaders to mentor and motivate them through the process. Employees with potential, if present internally, must be given responsibilities to Mentor and Motivate others. If not available, external candidates must be hired for the vital positions.

Employees need to be rewarded for their efforts in coming up with pro-active ideas. There is a need for an appropriate incentive policy for the employees. With all these changes in place, an organization is definitely on the way to maximising the talents available in the organization to the maximum.

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