Customer Service makes cross-selling effortless


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I recently bought a Refrigerator at home from Whirlpool – as part of the post-purchase process, there was a visit by a serviceman at home. What is usually a standard process was made different by the attitude and enthusiasm shown by the person. The people at home were impressed by the customer service provided by him – he answered all questions with patience and a smile.

He did not stick to just the fridge for which he had come home. He also had a look at the washing machine at home (which did not have much of a problem at that time) on being requested by my mother. He gave his card and also mentioned that he will be able to get a good deal at his showroom as well as extended warranty. Of course, he assured that he would be the person who will be coming on rounds for the washing machine also.

We forgot about the entire incident till 2 weeks later. As luck would have it, the washing machine faced problems at home. The first person to be called up was not the service center of our original washing machine. It was this service-man from Whirlpool!! The person’s card was at home with an assured Customer Service (that was already witnessed) – of course, we did the due diligence on the website but the process was done very smoothly.

Within no time, we were at the office and paid the advance for the machine. Once again, he came after the machine was delivered to do the demonstration. It left me thinking that he had managed to cross-sell his company’s product by doing his daily job in the best possible way. That is what Customer Service stands for. The same practice can be done in any other field as well – it doesn’t have to be only in the FMCG business.

Have you experienced anything like this? Did it affect you in the same way?

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4 Responses to “Customer Service makes cross-selling effortless”

  1. Prateek Says:

    How impressive !
    I have heard of such a thing once before but I am yet to experience it first hand.

  2. Guru Says:

    Liked the way you described Madhu

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