Adopt the “Pay It Forward” Way

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PIF stands for Pay it Forward. The Wikipedia link talks about the concept and has a link to the movie that was made as well. Why not introduce this concept to Managers within organizations? This concept will help build a community of Managers who are committed in helping each other.

There is a lot of expertise in any organization. It remains within the persons concerned and rarely gets to the benefit of others. When newer Managers are in spots of bother, they dont know whom to approach, usually. They are hesitant for various reasons.  There is a need for an informal setup in the organization that morally binds the (expert) Managers to coach the (novice) Managers.

Solution – Problems are always present for any Manager – how does he solve it? He takes the help of a peer or a senior Manager within the organization. What happens if the senior Manager has a problem? He asks another one and so on, goes the chain of activities.

All it takes for the chain to start is for one Manager to help another in need. He can then ask the one he offered help to repay the deed to another Manager. This way, one can cover all the Managers in the organization and bind them in a way that no formal roles or hierarchies will. The camaraderie between the Managers will be a treat to watch, thanks to this small gesture.

There are a lot of advantages with this approach

  • Increased goodwill between Managers within the organization
  • Best Practices sharing by an informal network
  • Problems get solved as quickly as they arise

There will be challenges to implement this approach, bereaucracy being the biggest obstacle. As long as there is no sign of this being an official initiative, the move will be really effective. Obviously, it will take a while for it to catch up – but once done, it will be a very effective movement.

The Senior Management should be asked to start this initiative and show the path forward by starting various chains within the organization and track it grow.

What do you think about this initiative?


One Response to “Adopt the “Pay It Forward” Way”

  1. Anna Smith Says:

    Hi Madhu,

    I love your idea.

    And we created such a system: Companies can create a private social network for their management recruits (

    The managers also have the opportunity to network with fellow managers from around the world. ( – the social network for managers).

    Check it out. I would love to hear what you think: anna @ WhatDoYouWantFromThem .com

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