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Money-back offer – almost all products in the retail segment carry this tag. If you are not happy with the quality of the product, you have the option to return it back and get your money refunded by the retailer.

I was wondering why can we not use it in our job offers?

What can one offer during the interview process, that gives the new organization a good feeling about their recruit. Obviously, interviews to most extent tend to give an impression about the candidate (what he is capable of and not).

References are another option that are used very widely. Those who know the candidate offer their views on the capabilities to the new organization. But, it is also possible that this process can be ‘doctored’ to an extent.

Why cannot the candidate offer a money-back guarantee to the new organization? How does it work?

On a high level, it can be done this way – the candidate and his Manager get into a post-employment agreement where the Manager agrees to give opportunities to the candidate in the appropriate areas and also take care of all hurdles that come in the way of implementation. There are a set of KRAs that are defined to be met by the candidate during the course of the year. From the candidate perspective, he agrees to be evaluated as:

  • If the candidate exceeds the expectations, he gets a promotion and raise after a year
  • If the candidate just meets the expectations, he gets a raise
  • If he/she doesnt meet the expected results, he does not get any raise
  • If he/she performs poorly, he can be ousted from the organization

One can argue that this is very much like the appraisals that are already prevalent in any organization. But, the results are not usually measured and worked upon in such an effect. This implies that the expectations are set very clearly and the new recruit knows what is expected from him in the course of year and what will happen if he does not perform.

Do let me know if you know of any other expectation-setting exercises that you have witnessed.

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