After 3D, we need AR glasses

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3D glasses became popular after the hugely successful Avatar. The movie saw a spurt of content being created to cater to a new breed of viewers.

AR – Augmented Reality – has been treading the waters slowly but steadily. Few applications are available that provide features to the end-user. But, I feel the way to increase the usage of AR applications is to have a dedicated hardware – a pair of glasses.

Just imagine – the AR-user will be able to wear the glasses and see a whole new world appear in front of him – be it knowledge about the architecture in front of him or the driving directions or the deals that might be going on in the nearby super-mall.

It is just a matter of time Google comes up with a set for the world to follow. The Google TV was released recently – similarly, I am sure we can see a device that helps Google Goggles penetrate much further in the web world.

What do you think? What will be the defining moment for AR applications?

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