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After 3D, we need AR glasses

May 24, 2010
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3D glasses became popular after the hugely successful Avatar. The movie saw a spurt of content being created to cater to a new breed of viewers.

AR – Augmented Reality – has been treading the waters slowly but steadily. Few applications are available that provide features to the end-user. But, I feel the way to increase the usage of AR applications is to have a dedicated hardware – a pair of glasses.

Just imagine – the AR-user will be able to wear the glasses and see a whole new world appear in front of him – be it knowledge about the architecture in front of him or the driving directions or the deals that might be going on in the nearby super-mall.

It is just a matter of time Google comes up with a set for the world to follow. The Google TV was released recently – similarly, I am sure we can see a device that helps Google Goggles penetrate much further in the web world.

What do you think? What will be the defining moment for AR applications?

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Duopoly in Information Technology

May 21, 2010
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The Wikipedia states Duopoly as

A true duopoly is a specific type of oligopoly where only two producers exist in one market. In reality, this definition is generally used where only two firms have dominant control over a market.

Monopolies do exist (Microsoft Office suite, Google ads, App Store being most prominent) but there is competition from other sources – mostly Open Source software that is being written by various developers across the world.

One can see duopoly in almost all product/software categories in IT – some of the very noticeable ones include

  • Google and Apple are competing against each other in every space on the web, TV and what not
  • Oracle and SAP are fighting tooth and nail on the enterprise space
  • Intel and AMD are playing their chip strokes
  • IPhone and Android mobiles are beating the competition hollow
  • Google and Bing are the top two search engines
  • TCS and Infosys are the largest Outsourcing companies from India

Is Duopoly good for the market? What do you think?

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SAP and Sybase – what is the equation?

May 17, 2010
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SAP bought Sybase last week – early days in the acquisition but many questions arise.

Was it for the database space where they were earlier proposing Oracle? Or was it for the mobile competency that Sybase offers? Or was it the access to cloud offerings?

Whatever it is, the enterprise space is becoming smaller with the 2 giants Oracle and SAP making huge investments and increasing their portfolio. There seems to be no room for a 3rd party.

Oracle has made an entry into the Applications space with their purchases of BEA and SUN – SAP has no competitive product there. Similarly, the SOA space sees Oracle stronger because of related product acquisitions. Oracle is stronger in USA while SAP is having higher traction in Europe, though things are changing.

It is still advantage Oracle even though their product suite is not upto the mark.

What is next on the table of SAP? Time will tell.

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Work-Life balance

May 7, 2010
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The most important factor in everyone’s life in the IT industry, especially, is the Work-Life balance that they are trying to achieve. Everyone is struggling in their own way to reach that ideal balance, whether they are Developers, Leads, Architects or Managers.

As one goes higher in the career, the responsibilities increase and it happens (very naturally) one should add, that the amount of work increases exponentially. Demands start for after-office hours and then expands to the weekend time as well. Peer pressure adds to the situation as well – everyone else in the office is doing it and one feels that this is the “ideal” way to get work done. Then, family life takes a beating and one has to take a decision on which way to go.

Work-from-home options are provided thanks to the faster broadband connections and the ability to work from anywhere – but as everyone who has worked in an office will attest, it is not the same as office work. This option will work more for individual contributors – developers, sales team but for those who manage teams, one has to be visible in the office to get more productive work achieved. Leaves taken tend to include attending telecons as well as checking mails on their blackberries.

Of course, this might not be the case all the time but this trend is more regularly seen. Is it only for those who cannot manage their work properly or for those who appear to be easy targets for their managers (to push more work) ? One needs to ask themselves the question – “Is this work so important that it cannot wait for the next working day?” Easier said than done. I would like to hear from all of you how you deal in such situations – maybe I will learn from all of you.

Is “Saying No” the answer? Have you encountered such situations? What is your best practice? I would love to hear.

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