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Leading from the front

April 18, 2010
Eruption of Eyjafjallajökull Volcano, Iceland ...
Image by NASA Goddard Photo and Video via Flickr

The volcanic ash has been making headlines all throughout the UK and Europe – delaying flights and making airlines lose almost 200 million GBP per day (from what I heard on the news).

In this chaotic situation, obviously, to restart operations it would take a number of steps to restore the confidence of the airline authorities to fly. Airlines are trying to do so by having test flights.

KLM is also doing a test flight and here, its CEO has chosen to lead from the front. He occupied a seat in the test flight that flew successfully.

As the CNN website reports

The flight, conducted in Netherlands airspace, found that the air quality in the atmosphere met the requirements for safe flight, said Peter Hartman, president and CEO.

The airline used a Boeing 737-800 that flew to its maximum operating altitude of 41,000 feet (approximately 13,000 meters).

KLM expects to receive the final results of the technical inspection Sunday morning. If the results hold, the airline will ask for permission to resume its operations.

Is it not a great gesture by the CEO (and President)? Who will take the courage to get into a test flight to reassure its customers about the safety of the flight?

Well done Mr. Hartman. We are with you.

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