2010 – the year of the Tablet?

Image representing One Laptop Per Child as dep...
Image via CrunchBase

After my post on the Tablet PC, the news seem to be increasing once again.

First, was the introduction of JooJoo (who split with CrunchPad and went independent).

Now, it is the news of the $75 Tablet from OLPC.

OLPC has been an ambitious project from Nicholas Negroponte to provide one laptop to every child in the World. Their new version seems to sync with the latest happenings on the Tablet world. The pictures (that you can see on the Forbes site) is really impressive and promises a lot.

Another good point from the link is

As OLPC assembles the components for its dream machine, it plans to open the architecture of the device to allow any other PC maker to take over the project.

Will this be another success-story for a low-profile company just like HTC is enjoying with Google now?

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One Response to “2010 – the year of the Tablet?”

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