Google rush before the holidays

Google released significant changes to its search engine yesterday.  The search results are now supplemented with updates from Twitter, FriendFeed, Jaiku,, MySpace and Facebook. What is so great about it? It used to take some time for these updates to appear on Google – now, it is instant. Partnerships were struck with Twitter, Facebook and MySpace to show the updates on Google. This will be good now in a likely situation like the Tiger Woods accident or the Copenhagen Summit – the updates will appear as ‘Latest Results for’ on the Google Search Page – you do not have to login to Twitter/Facebook and search the trends. It is all available on one site – great collaboration technique by Google.

Using Google, you can now find out which are the best businesses in town from your mobile. Google has sent QR code-stickers to over 100,000 businesses. These stickers can be stuck on the windows – they contain a bar code when scanned by a mobile app show details about the businesses (reviews, deals, etc). Trust Google to be innovative in its products.

Another product from Google Labs (right now for Android phones) is Google Goggles. It promises to identify objects by pointing a camera at it. The live demo is here. This is great for tourists – you can figure out the landmarks (and further details) by just shooting it on your mobile-phone. Google Mobile is going a long way to push its visitors to the web and thereby use more products.

Another product for the mobile space – “What’s Nearby“. This will show on Google maps on your mobile a list of the 10 closest places, including restaurants, shops and other points of interest.


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