Apple, Microsoft and Google

Apple buys a start-up music store Lala. Lala lets users play the music they own from the cloud. There are reports that Apple was behind the technology supporting the Lala website. Lala had an agreement with Google to let searchers sample free music through its site, and one with Facebook to allow its users to give one another digital songs as gifts. How Apple will integrate it into iTunes remains to be seen? Will there be a iCloud version of iTunes?

Microsoft launches a visualization tool called Pivot that will make sense of interconnectedness between objects on the web!!! It depends on Internet Explorer, which is not good news. Pivot is currently available by invitation only to a small technical audience. Tried visiting the site but needs Silverlight to be installed!!! Did not proceed further.

Google buys AppJet for its Wave product. AppJet had created an online word processor by name EtherPad. This technology will be visible in the forthcoming versions of Wave. Google Docs are available on the internet but still Google thought about buying AppJet (because of its better collaboration features – check their site for more details).

Another project from Google that I felt was very cool – check this out. The environment provided by Google shows in the quality of such innovations.


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