Weekend reading – Technology news

Google and the major Newspapers of the World are in a fight. The papers (especially Rupert Murdoch) wanted to remove Google from accessing their sites. Murdoch mentioned that Google was stealing from publishers. Eric Schmidt came out in the newspaper (online edition of WSJ) to talk about how Google can help the newspapers. I tend to agree with his viewpoints – I don’t see why the newspapers don’t get it. As the oldage saying goes, if you can’t beat Google, join them.

The 2010 Football World Cup is near. As always, technologies in sports seem to be improving with every World Cup or Olympics. The World Cup games will be filmed in 3D using technology by SONY – how succesful it will be remains to be seen but a good initiative no doubt. There will be a challenge in the roll-0ut of devices that support 3D – how innovative SONY can be in this space needs to be seen. Will they allow the games to be viewed over their SONY PS Home?

A Harvard Medical School study was conducted as the federal government prepares to begin dispensing $19 billion in incentives for the health industry to roll out electronic health records systems. The recently released study evaluated data on 4,000 hospitals in the U.S over a four-year period and found that the immense cost of installing and running hospital IT systems is greater than any expected cost savings. I fell off my chair reading this – there are so many applications that have been built for the health-care industry – wonder how many are really useful then? And much of the software being written for use in clinics is aimed at administrators, not doctors, nurses and lab workers. From what I have seen, the doctors use more basic systems like spreadsheets, documents. What has been your experience?


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