Tablet PC is hotting up again

The tablet PC space has been picking up recently.

Last week, the Crunchpad project came to a halt after the manufacturing partner decided to go alone and ditch the other partner (Michael Arrington). This was a very well publicized device where the designs were made public and the buzz was high. There were VCs lining up to get into the partnership when the deal fell through.

The TIME magazine came up with a prototype that was demoed this week. It is a cool digital magazine that allows readers to view more content than can be possible in an offline edition. The folks at TIME think that readers will be willing to actually pay for a digital version contained within a tablet – I don’t subscribe to that thought as of now, but one never knows.

Now, IDC comes up with a prediction for 2010 saying that Apple will come out with a iPad (a tablet device) and beat the Kindle hands down. There have been quite a number of rumors on the Apple tablet for some time now.

There is definitely a need for a device which is netural to the publishing-houses. The device can be similar to the iPod – a menu that adds subscriptions from various sources (newspapers, magazines, etc). If Apple is really coming up with such a device, it will be a definite hit.


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