Social Connections on the rise

Interesting collaborations are taking place in the Social World. There seems to be ‘connections’ all across the web.

Yahoo takes the help of Facebook Connect (and earlier Microsoft) while Google goes with Twitter on Friend Connect.

Yahoo mentioned that with the integration with Facebook, one will be able to see Facebook friends’ activities on Yahoo! and share Yahoo! content – ratings, photos, article comments, and more – directly on their Facebook stream.

Obviously they saw that they could not fight Google alone with their set of tools and applications – they needed the help of the giant who announced yesterday that they had 350 million users. Do remember that Microsoft owns a small portion of Facebook, through an investment made in 2007.

So, Yahoo does not fight Google on Social networking, neither on Search (thanks to their deal with Microsoft). What will be its core business then?

Google, on the other hand, are tieing up with the giant in the area of micro-blogging, Twitter.

If a site has Friend Connect installed, a user can login using either their Google account or their Twitter account. And if they’ve logged in with their Twitter credentials, their username and profile picture are passed through OAuth back to Friend Connect. One can easily tweet & invite friends to check out the concerned site and any comment they leave can be automatically tweeted out.

Meanwhile, Microsoft takes on Google with their Bing Maps. One needs to have Microsoft’s Silverlight installed to view the maps. The initial impression seems to be not so great but looks like Microsoft is actively moving forward in this area.

Obviously, the Triad of Google, Facebook and Twitter are in the forefront of the social world. Yahoo has indirectly said that it cannot fight alone. Microsoft is trying its best to go solo – but for how long?


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One Response to “Social Connections on the rise”

  1. madmilker Says:

    so! when yhoo kicks your @ss off…tat means your off facebook and twitter too…….tat sucks!

    dang! even Hoofy and Boo hates me…..

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