Gartner, Twitter and SAP

Gartner will buy its rival AMR Research for $64 Million. Wow!!! Didn’t think that they made so much money giving advice to organizations on trends and hype-cycles – this industry is going to phase out slowly with the amount of advice availble on blogs & websites. I wonder how the Fortune 500 companies still depend on Gartner-like organizations to provide them with what is hot. Are their reports really worth so much? From what I have seen, I don’t think so.

Twitter-founder Jack Dorsey has started a new service called Square – fantastic idea!!! Now, your road-side shops can take credit cards also, with verification of the credit-card holder included. This is definitely a result of clear simple thinking from the man with a great background. It has received funding of almost $40 million already – no wonder.

Recently, there was an article about how Twitter helped a senior citizen become a script-writer. Now, another news says that the feed (setup by a Dutch boy as a hobby) has been taken over by Pretty neat to get more than a million followers, eh? Will the followers still stay? I reckon they should unfollow now!!!

SAP is coming up with a Constellation – supposed to rival Google’s Wave. Looks like it is similar to Chatter (released few days back) by

PS – Have you looked at the Royal Society website, which contains 350 years of history? It is really fascinating to watch the finer details of scientific milestones that we have read in our school-time.


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