Twitter, Google and Open Source

Twitter is making a lot of news – obviously the company benefited the most by the Tiger Woods incident. The other one, which affected me personally, has been the DM attacks – I had to logout, change my password and revoke all the permissions I had provided to other sites. The other one is Twitter Lists – I had not given it a thought until I read this article. It is quite surprising to see how it has the potential to be abused by the crooked mind. There are always those set of folks who want to make a fast buck of the good technology in town. While on Twitter, I had always thought that the ratio of males to females in social networking sites was skewed in favor of the guys – there was a survey conducted recently on 19 such sites – very interesting results. What does this mean? Obviously, more female-targeted ads will start appearing on social networking sites – trying to make their next move to garner more clicks!!!

Google Gears is being phased out as the features are now supported in HTML5. Interesting philosophy by Google – starts a project internally, launch it to the external world, and once it is mature incorporate it into a bigger project, scrap the initial version. Similar strategy is being adopted for the Operating Systems – Chrome and Android. Why are 2 OS being built in parallel? Maybe the best one will survive after a short while – internal competition, eh? Another news article that appeared was the heavy possibility of a Google phone. Will Google go for an acquisition? Will they acquire Motorola?

Android news now – the Motorola Droid is apparently nearing its goal of selling a million handsets during Q4 of 2009. That is not a bad stat for Motorola, who had fallen off the pedestal on the mobile scene. Android is slowly but surely starting to pick up, even though its rivals have had a headstart. Apple and Blackberry – beware of Android. It will surely start giving you sleepless nights.

The EU has not approved the Oracle-SUN deal as it is afraid that the acquisition might make Oracle a monopoly in the database segment. Oracle has replied saying that it will continue to develop MySQL. This case is bringing the Open Source model under scanner since analysts are thinking about the Open Source companies that actually make profits – RedHat is the only exception. I feel that the proprietary software companies always have their C-level leaders convince potential customers (organizations) to use their software at a price as low as what is offered by the Open Source vendors. Maybe the future model will be a mixed model where product vendors offer both proprietary and open-source software based on the convenience and willingness of the end-user.


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