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Will Yahoo turn around in 2010?

December 31, 2009
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Good news for Yahoo finally – more people around the world read their news than Google News or CNN. Some positive news about Yahoo after a long time now!!! Also, do you know that among the Top 500 sites on the web, Alexa rates two sites from Yahoo on the top-10.

Why then is Yahoo not doing well?

A look at the Trefis website on Yahoo is interesting – Search Advertising is 26.0% of the stock price estimate, and is the most important division. 24.8% of the price comes from Strategic investments (e.g. Yahoo Japan and Alibaba)

Recently, they tied up with Facebook and Microsoft, which meant that the search and the social networking functions were ‘outsourced’ to others.

There were a lot of expectations on the new CEO of Yahoo, Carol Bartz, to turn around the company. It has been 8 months since she took over and it is probably a little early to gauge her performance. She promised recently to increase revenue, cut costs thereby reviving the company.

Who needed the $100 million USD blitz on their advertising? The money could have been put to better use, definitely. A country-wide stunt similar to theirs in 2 airports would have garnered more mind-share. They did a week-long shutdown to cut costs – a good move again.

What does Yahoo need now? They need to come up with a product that is now currently not being focused by Google and carve their niche there – easy said than done. What is ‘that’ area? Games with virtual cash – this seems to be the new fad for internet users, according to the BBC site. Acquisitions will help too – look at EA’s recent buy of Playfish. Second Life probably? Why not?

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2010 – the year of the Tablet?

December 23, 2009
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After my post on the Tablet PC, the news seem to be increasing once again.

First, was the introduction of JooJoo (who split with CrunchPad and went independent).

Now, it is the news of the $75 Tablet from OLPC.

OLPC has been an ambitious project from Nicholas Negroponte to provide one laptop to every child in the World. Their new version seems to sync with the latest happenings on the Tablet world. The pictures (that you can see on the Forbes site) is really impressive and promises a lot.

Another good point from the link is

As OLPC assembles the components for its dream machine, it plans to open the architecture of the device to allow any other PC maker to take over the project.

Will this be another success-story for a low-profile company just like HTC is enjoying with Google now?

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Competency Development

December 17, 2009

Competency Development in the Indian IT scenario plays a very important role in ensuring objectives are met successfully. There is not much planning done to make it successful – here are my thoughts on the ingredients to add value.

What do you think are the key parameters to success? Let me know your thoughts.

Short is sweet now

December 15, 2009
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Facebook has a new URL shortener for URLs in its mobile interface while Google released a new similar service, available only for Google Toolbar and FeedBurner now (might be expanded at a later point).

Shortened URL’s are good for services like Twitter where a user wants to share a link with his followers – the URL’s are shortened by an external service to ensure the user can include in the 140 characters he has per each tweet.

Google promises that it will check for sites that are malicious and warn users accordingly – interesting factor since most of the spam that occurs on twitter arises from these shortened URL’s.

The market-leaders for these shorterners, if you may call so, were the ones provided by  What was their response? They launched a Pro account, giving companies’ customized service for publishers. Facebook is using their url-shortener to allow users to post their updates to twitter.

WordPress also recently introduced the option to blog from Twitter. I do not know how it will help bloggers to post from twitter!!! 140 characters are good for Twitter but WordPress? Do not think so.

All these moves are targeted to use Twitter better – how did Twitter join the fun? It has started to release for-business features – first one was released, called the ‘Contributors’

The feature we are beta testing is called ‘Contributors’ – it enables users to engage in more authentic conversations with businesses by allowing those organizations to manage multiple contributors to their account.

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Google has a Phone now

December 14, 2009
Google Inc.
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Google has released its own phone to employees – dogfooding is what it calls the gesture as. The employees have been given the new gadget to try out.

Also, it is unlocked – which means that the individual can use any carrier on the phone and start using it.

Obviously, with a huge number of employees in its backyard, Google will get varied ‘end-user’ feedback that can be incorporated into the product eventually.

The news has been picked up all over the place and everyone is keen to read, see, hear about it.

Nexus One is supposed to be the name but one can be sure only if and when Google confirms it.

How will Google sell this phone now remains to be seen? Will it give priority to this over their other Android models?

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