Social, Startups and Mobile

Social network games seem to be on the up – the numbers of (active) users seem to be pretty high and the gaming companies are coming up with small innovations to leverage their user-base into millions.

A good article about start-ups having many founders who were ex-CISCO-ites!!! That says a lot about the company itself – they have the environment that allows employees to think about innovations and new products – obviously, there must have been many internal initiatives that came about as well.

e-commerce via mobile was something I wasn’t sure of – how secure is it and how end-users get their confidence to transact on the mobile. Of course, I might be sceptical but that was my initial thinking. Look at the numbers being talked about by eBay – that says a lot!!! Opera Mini, Opera’s mobile browser, grew its monthly users by 11 percent to nearly 40 million users in October from 32 million users in August. In terms of page views, Opera Mini delivered 17.2 billion last month, a 238 percent annual increase, indicating that mobile web usage is growing fast. Since September’s report, page-views have gone up by nearly 15 percent.


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