Google, LinkedIn and Wikipedia

Google buys another one – Teracent. Teracent’s Intelligent Display Advertising technology creates display ads entirely customized to the specific consumer and site. The startup’s proprietary alogirthims automatically pick the creative parts of a display ad (images, colors, text) in real-time determined by like geographic location, language, the content of the website, the time of day or the past performance of different ads. Google says that Teracent’s technology will now be offered to its display advertising clients who run campaigns in Google’s Content Network and to DoubleClick clients. What all Google will do to capture (no monopolize) the ad market?

And then, they team up with TiVo. There seems to be a bit of analytics involved in the backend – Google promises that advertisers pay only when their ads are seen. But TiVo lets viewers fast-forward through commercials. Now, with TiVo’s data, collected from millions of digital video recorders across the country, Google can tell exactly which of those commercials are being bypassed. If all the commercials are being skipped, the channel gets no money. Wow!!! Google can then place the ads at the adequate location (based on the data) so that they maximize their revenue.

LinkedIn API’s are open – finally!!! It took a long time coming for the site to start sharing their APIs to public – previously, only few priveleged ones were given the option to add ‘applications’ that hooked into the millions of users registered in LinkedIn. This article talks about how startups are linking to LinkedIn.

Sad to read this one – Volunteers log off from Wikipedia!!! The website built by millions across the world is facing heavy attrition. It needs a buyer or better for the community, a sponsor.


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