News on Mobile and Web2.0

Nokia plans to drop Symbian from N-Series by 2012. Maemo will replace the Symbian gradually. ‘Maemo Select’, the current community-portal for Maemo applications, will initially run alongside Nokia’s Ovi store. What will happen to the Symbian foundation then? Nokia seems to be confused, for sure.

News about the Google Phone now – yes, there are talks that Google will come up with a phone themselves!!! It seems it will be a VoIP driven phone. What is their motivation to come up with this phone and how this will work with the other phones powered by Android? This will be an interesting space to watch.

Gartner has identified the Top 10 Consumer Mobile Applications for 2012. Obviously, Gartner couldn’t ignore the buzz happening in the mobile world and set out to come up with their suggestions. The applications they are talking about include Money Transfer, Location-Based Services, Mobile Search, Mobile Browsing, Mobile Health Monitoring, Mobile Payment, Near Field Communication Services, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Instant Messaging, Mobile Music. I feel very strongly that the location-based services and the advertising applications will pick up in a big way. The others will depend on the innovative offering that vendors will come up with.

According to research, eighty percent of the future collaborative work approach will be inspired by Web 2.0 technologies. Right on cue, comes the next news – Salesforce gets into the social networking space – they have released Salesforce Chatter which allows any company to collaborate in real time with a secure, private social network for their business. Definitely looks like a bit of Facebook, Twitter and Salesforce together. How it will all work out remains to be seen – the tangible benefits will be known only after a couple of years of active usage.

IBM announced significant progress toward creating a computer system that simulates and emulates the brain’s abilities for sensation, perception, action, interaction and cognition, while rivaling the brain’s low power and energy consumption and compact size – interesting to read this news.


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2 Responses to “News on Mobile and Web2.0”

  1. SS Says:

    Nokia refuses to confirm they are dropping Symbian from N-Series:

    But seriously – they are far from confused. Open-sourcing Symbian to gain community help was well-thought-out strategy as this guy spelled out months back: (first few paragraphs before the actual review begins).

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