Does Apple have a new product?

Apple tablet – I bet it is going to be yet another killer product from the stable of Steve Jobs. People talk about the closed nature of Apple but it doesn’t matter. Their sales are high and their products are loved by consumers. They have the ‘oomph’ factor. Rumors abound about the new device – only time will tell.

Are we looking at paid content (especially news) very soon? Maybe, it might start in the US as a new study shows that people are willing to pay for online news.


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One Response to “Does Apple have a new product?”

  1. SS Says:

    Apple sales are not “high”. Except the iPod music-player business – if you look at both the phone / smartphone (note: phone market >> smartphone market) and the PC markets – they have a fraction of the market (single digits % actually).

    Basically they are very niche players – with great stylish products for which they charge an arm and a leg; which they then combine with a completely locked down closed system for which they can again charge an arm and a leg for servicing – and that allows them to maintain high margins.

    So yes – they have good products, wonderful margins – but no, not huge sales.

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