Apple and Google – isnt there any other significant technology news?

Steve Jobs – the envy of many businesses – is the subject of a new book. In fact the focus is on his presentation secrets. One wonders if those who read the book will be able to do corporate presentations the same way – it is a myth, right? Having a product-line from company like Apple helps also. Anyway, some hints will help in improving one’s skills.

Google (can one stop talking about this giant) admits that their Google Docs application is not as mature as Gmail or Calendar but says that the maturity will improve in the next year. It sure will make a dent with the market-share of Microsoft but will large enterprises that matter, go the way of online storage? Don’t think so, at this moment. There might be a compelling reason in the years to come, let’s see. Google will release their Chrome OS within a week – now that will be interesting to watch how they will juggle with Chrome & Android!!!

I have been thinking about this for some time now – the bust of the Web2.0 is around the corner,  just like the dot com crash few years back. Only 8% of the internet readers click on advertising content on a website – considering the fact that Google’s major share of revenues still come from ads (their revenue-streams seem to be doing well still), it is a wonder on how this works, especially in a recession – read an  article on a similar topic. On a related topic, Social-networking sites like Facebook were always thought to be designed for the younger generation. Obviously, there is a lot of potential (to make money, what else) in Facebook – find out how. Whatever the means might be, advertising and social networking seem to be going hand-in-glove at this moment. How long will the marriage go on?

Talks about India being a R&D Hub are increasing now with sufficient proof – Nano has helped to increase the expectations. Further ideas on how to unleash the entrepreneurs in India from HBR.


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