Billion Dollar Deals

Deals continue to be in the news…

  • Intel agreed to pay rival chipmaker AMD $1.25 billion to settle litigation issues that have been going on for decades.
  • HP has announced it is to buy network systems maker 3Com in a deal worth $2.7billion.

Apple – in 1996, I remember hearing about the possible demise of the company. Enter Steve Jobs. What a turnaround it has been so far. Look at this article for the details. Just read another article which said that Microsoft Windows 7 was inspired by … Mac!!!

Interesting to see how twitter helped a senior citizen land a TV deal – read more. Obviously the senior citizen is a pro with his ‘words of wisdom‘.

We have always read on how not to judge a book by its cover. Now, reports say that you can judge a book’s age by its odor.

Dreams – I am fascinated by this subject but don’t understand what I read about it!!! Anyway, a new report says that dreams are tuning the mind for conscious awareness.


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