The Social and Mobile World

Twitter and LinkedIn have been integrated now – tried it out and worked!!! On Twitter, the #in is key to make it visible on LinkedIn. Good way of integration. I dont know the integration between Google and Twitter will pan out. I need a integration between Twitter and Google Reader.

Google once again – you can’t keep them out of news, can you? – a new language of all things. Google believes that they can help boost both computing power and programmers’ abilities with an experimental programming language project called Go. Google’s Go project consists of the programming language, compilers to convert what programmers write into software that computers can run, and a runtime package that endows Go programs with a number of built-in features. Google has high hopes on Go, as per CNET. I have heard of languages like Scala and Erlang trending up recently but this is new!!!

Interesting post about Social rules and how Social networks/media are not helping us follow them. Very soon, we will have conferences where the Q&A sessions will be held on the net than ‘live’. Questions can be asked from the internet so that those who are following it miles away can also listen/read the response to their query. Maybe that’s a good model for future conferences to adopt!!!

A very good article about Apple –Apple has surpassed Nokia as the most profitable phone maker in the world. Why its remarkable is explained in the post. Really remarkable.

When everyone is going the Android way, Samsung thought differently – they have introduced Bada. Samsung says that bada is a new open platform that enables a richer user experience in applications on Samsung mobile devices. Let us see this space on how this pans out.


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  1. uberVU - social comments Says:

    Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by madhugr: The social and mobile world #google #mobile…

  2. Prateek Says:

    Amazing insight !

    1.) Use twitter API to make your own ifrmae for twitter and embed it in your blogs (blogspot)or use this one :

    Sorry your browser does not support IFRAME

    This is our(Livestream) twitter integration.
    Steps :
    a.) Create an account and then create a channel with us (Dont worry its free) at
    b.) Replace the “testchannel” in the iframe code with your own channelname.
    c.) Place this iframe code in your blogspot gadgets. There you go !

    2.) LIVE Q&A + LIVE broadcast(event based or otherwise) via internet EXISTS !! Once you land on our website ( please freely surf the “channels” and notice the chat that goes on. The way media (relevant or irrelevant) is perceived has changed…We have competitors in , , etc

  3. Prateek Says:

    Oops, even the comments section does not support iframes in wordweb.

    You will find the details here

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