Twitter, Google and more

Twitter is rolling out location-based trends – that seems like a good idea to know where which trends are making news. Location seems to be the favorite for all technology companies.

Twitter and LinkedIn will be integrated now – that is good news. But, if I tweet about technology, business, sports and movies, I wouldn’t want all of it to appear on LinkedIn. How will this integration handle it? Let me try it out.

Lot of news being seen on Google – acquisitions, initiatives and pushbacks.

Yet another acquisition by Google, the third biggest after DoubleClick ($3.1 billion) and YouTube ($1.65 billion) – the company is gunning hard to dominate mobile Web advertising and AdMob has an early foothold in the display side. Will AdMob be as successful as the other acquisitions? Time will tell. Check out the site created by Google.

Google also bought Gizmo5 for around $30 million in cash. Apparently, the talk is Gizmo5 will be the glue that puts Google Voice and Google Talk together into a single product (competition for Skype).

Not so good news for Google – Rupert Murdoch is not happy with Google search indexes – he wants to block Google from his news content. News Corp owns the Times and Sun newspapers in the UK and the New York Post and Wall Street Journal in the US.

Google is planning to foot the bill for WiFi at 47 of US  airports for the rest of the year, beginning today.

Personalization and customization is the key here – Mojamix is an online granola manufacturing system. What is so great about it? This – You select your base, then add dried fruit, seeds, and nuts. They package up your foodstuff and send it to your home via first class mail. The average 12-ounce bag costs about $12 and there is the possibility of adding chocolate-covered cashews to the mix. What is next? You can cook your dish online very soon!!!

Did you buy a new Nokia phone? Check whether it’s the model whose charger is being recalled.

Intel introduces a book reader that reads out aloud to the blind – interesting application for the not-so-lucky readers. Good gesture by Intel.

A 21-year-old Australian man has admitted creating what is thought to be the first virus to infect Apple iPhones. Wow!!! This is one that Android will not have, probably, as it is based on Linux.

UK Home Office says it will push ahead with plans to ask communications firms to monitor all internet use. With all the concerns that Networking Engineers in organizations have anyeay, God help all firms in the UK!!!

Are you addicted to the internet? Take this test and find out.


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3 Responses to “Twitter, Google and more”

  1. SS Says:

    [quote]A 21-year-old Australian man has admitted creating what is thought to be the first virus to infect Apple iPhones. Wow!!! This is one that Android will not have, probably, as it is based on Linux.[/quote]

    Actually the worm uses SSH on “jailbroken” iPhones to propagate – as long as the user has not changed the default SSH password.
    The iPhoneOS (like MacOS) is Darwin/BSD based – so it too has Unix roots !

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