Google and CISCO in news

Google announced its partnership with Best Buy to distribute Google Mobile Apps (the application and the installation service will be free) on all smart-phones they sell. Interesting – this partnership is to install Google Mobile Apps on any smart-phone. Obviously, a good strategic move to get customers hooked onto the Google apps even before Android hits the market in a large way (for those who doubt the Android landscape, this article will answer your questions).

Google released a new Search Engine (what else) for e-commerce sites. Google Commerce Search will be priced starting at $50,000 per year and will be aimed at the top 1,000 online retailers in each country where Google operates. 50K per year seems to be a large amount to shell out but looks like Google know what they are trying to do.

The Google CEO reiterated in an interview that the company will not repeat the mistakes IBM and Microsoft did 10 years ago. Interesting part of that interview – Asked about the potential for Twitter and Facebook to take momentum away from Google among younger Internet users (similar to how companies like Google came along to trump Microsoft) Schmidt says that users of the social networking services are actually using Google even more. But, who is the next ‘Google’?

Meanwhile, CISCO announced a set of new collaboration software tools for instant messaging, e-mail, social networking, videoconferencing, document and video sharing. Welcome to the playing field – how much impact they will make in the Social networking is to be seen. Videoconferencing has been their strength and this might be an area where their presence could be felt.


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