Motivation for champions

Last night, I saw one of the greatest tennis matches in Wimbledon – the one where Roger Federer won his 15th record-breaking Grand Slam.

The tennis throughout was top-class – both players trying their best to beat the other. I could never say for sure, who would be the Champion.

Today, I have been going through some of the articles about the match and the reactions. One quote stuck me in this

“I get inspiration from Tiger (Woods) and from Michael Jordan who was one of my childhood heroes,” he said. “Also Michael Schumacher as well, he was at the top for so long.

“I always get inspired by guys who did something at the highest of levels for such a long time and who are true champions and great ambassadors for their sport.”

This gives you a window into the mind of champions. What motivates them? Other champions, of course.

This is really very important for a person like Roger. If he does not have the inspiration any more, he might retire tomorrow just like Bjorn Borg did.

And in our field of IT/ITeS, probably the names of champions are not so well-known. But, we can definitely look around ourselves within our organization/group and see who are the ones who are doing their work at the highest of levels for a long time. They are the ones for us to follow and emulate.


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