Core Competencies

As per Wikipedia definition, Core Competency is suggested as

A core competency can take various forms, including technical/subject 
matter know-how, a reliable process and/or close relationships with 
customers and suppliers.

This is very important for people who work in the IT industry since we are supposed to be knowledge-workers. At the end of day, what is the competency that we have with us? That is one question we need to keep asking ourselves. If we find a suitable answer that is attested by others, it means that we are able to provide value to the organization that we work for.

No matter where our work takes us – higher in the value-chain – we should always have a core competency that will keep us in demand. This is the differentiator that organizations look for, in associates, when they have to make choices.

When technical folks become Managers, they should still retain some of their characteristics (of course acquisition of new characteristics is implicity) so that they can go back when the going gets tough. Along with group output, there is an individual contribution that every organization (Manager) will expect. If there is none, it is very difficult to justify your position in the organization.

So, my suggestion to all the folks is to be clear of your USP – your unique expertise on one (or more) area of your choice.

Focus and excel is the key here.


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