Collective Project Planning

Project Planning forms an important part of Project Management. This is the phase where the Project Manager, with the help of Gantt charts, comes up with a schedule in which the application (proposed) can be built. Of course, it is not an one-off event – it happens till the end of the project. There are numerous planning (and re-planning) activities done by the Project Manager throughout the project.

The deliverable of the first few iterations of the Project Planning activity is the Project Plan. The Project Plan will contain the various activities that need to be done by the different team members on specific days as mentioned. The Plan (in its best optimized version) will show the daily schedule for each team member and the expectations that the Project has, from him.

For the team members to accept this plan, one of the suggest approaches is to have the team also part of the planning exercise – not all the team members but definitely the critical and senior ones. The team has to feel comfortable about the plan before they start. Or at the least, the team needs to know that they are getting into a project with strict deadlines and be prepared accordingly.

The Project Manager has to play the role of a moderator, who gives the background of the project, the organization’s view-points of the project, the constraints that the team has to work with. Once he has done this, the team should take over the exercise of coming up with the activities involved, sequencing them, assigning a duration (arriving at the estimate to start with), discuss any risks that they foresee in the project. This should be done at the beginning of the project so that the team knows the target that they are looking at.

This sort of teamwork will help in

  • identifying the scope of the project,
  • increase the team’s morale,
  • set the expectations at the beginning of the project,
  • restore confidence in the team,
  • de-risk the project
  • make the team feel involved in the project

The sucess of the project is thus much more assured.


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